Fresh from their set at this weekend's FYF Festival in Los Angeles, Interpol have decided to share their new album El Pintor in full a week ahead of its release. It's a pretty cool album title for a number of reasons, mainly that 'El Pintor' means 'painter' in Spanish, and that it's an anagram of Interpol. The album is their first release since 2010's self-titled album.

El Pintor drops on 8 September (UK/EU) and 9 September in North America, and you can stream it over at NPR!

  • Tracklist:
  • 1 All the Rage Back Home
  • 2 My Desire
  • 3 Anywhere
  • 4 Same Town, New Story
  • 5 My Blue Supreme
  • 6 Everything Is Wrong
  • 7 Breaker 1
  • 8 Ancient Ways
  • 9 Tidal Wave
  • 10 Twice as Hard

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