Adem is the solo project of Fridge bassist, Adem Ilhan. Adem specialises in downbeat acoustic songwriting, utilising his knowledge of post-rock from his time in seminal band Fridge to give his folk-ish songs interesting and unexpected idiosyncrasies. Adem admits never having sung before 2002, though when his debut album Homesongs was released in 2004 it received widespread critical acclaim as much for his voice as for the tales he tells and his way with melody. We caught up with Adem to ask him four important questions! *A*re you aware that your fan base is getting bigger all the time and that people are constantly talking about you at the moment?  It's really exciting to feel the music spread.  I get more and more emails each week from places further and further afield.  I've found that my music in particular has spread through word of mouth and mixtapes much more than I could have expected.  *D*o you ever just go round like your friends houses and jam out when you can?  I love making music, wherever, whenever, however.  *E*verything you need is a really good song, whats your favourite song in the world?  That's a very, very difficult question.  One of my favourites is Steve Reich's 'Music for Mallet Instruments,Voice and Organ' (does that count as a song?).  Blue by Joni Mitchell is probably my favourite song-based album; there are so many highlights on that record but I think the title track 'Blue' or 'The Last Time I Saw Richard' are both incredible songs.  *M*ovies are really awesome, if you could re-soundtrack a movie with your music which would you choose?  I sometimes score for films.  The problem is that the movies that have scores that I find remarkable are pretty untouchable, musicwise.  If I could change the question, I wish I had written the score to Star Wars (John Williams),  2001 a space odyssey (Various, but I love the Ligeti stuff so much), and I really like the music throughout punch drunk love (Jon Brion).  Download Unravel By Adem.