Few bands can boast the achievements this London quartet can. Two brilliant EPs, opening the V festival and slots at Reading and Leeds along with a couple tours.. even fewer can match these milsetones in all their teenagehood. It is fair to say these North London indie kids have achieved a significant amount in a considerably short time period. I speak to Jack Steadham, lead vocalist for one of the most exciting bands on the indie scene. You’ve been touring for a while now, and released two EPs, any pans for an album? We have just recorded our album with Jim Abbiss, it sounds pretty good. Hopefully it will be out by April or so after a few singles. The band have played on numerous tours and live shows, but what do you feel to be your best gig? Reading 2007, it was the biggest crowd we’d ever played to, and was the most fin we’ve ever had. Leeds 2008 was good for me too, we got thrown off stage early because of time restrictions, but I went into the campsite with an acoustic finish off the set, and had a lot more fun than on stage. How did your recent Levi tour go? It was cool, we had Flashguns supporting us, who were acquaintances. We partied with them in our fresh Levi outfits. You made your name as a live band, do you still maintain that aspect or has recorded material taken the lead? Well after listening to the album you kind of think; “holy moly how are we going to play these sounds live?” but I think we’ll still be better live. Who are your favourite up and coming act on the London scene? We’re all completely clueless about that. I just got back from Norwich, who knows whats going on in London. In Norwich I brought an album called “Scientist Encounters Pac-Man,” and it’s very good. And the band you’re currently in love with? Beat Happening Listen MP3: Bombay Bicycle Club - Ghost