Chrissie Abbott is up there as one of my favourite new artists. I've scrolled through the work on her blog os many times now and I really want to share with you some of my favourite pieces of hers, as well as a little interview with her! Hello Chrissie! Could you describe to our our readers what you do and how you got started? Hello. I am an illustrator / graphic designer / artist hybrid I guess. I draw pictures that utilise collage and an occasionally structured layout. I started drawing when I was very small. Art was the only lesson I actually liked at school. I studied illustration at the london college of communication then left after my second year to work at design agency Zip, where I worked for three years and now I'm freelance. Who or what would you say are your inspirations? Umm I would say pretty much anything and everything and everyone. Music is definitely a big inspiration. At the moment the apocalypse is inspiring me. I like to use themes that are pretty dark but convey them in a nice happy way. Life can be pretty gnarly, I would like to bring a colourful interlude to all the negative imagery that we are constantly bombarded with. Well, that's what I try to do anyway. Your artwork is used in all sorts of formats like T-shirts and Posters etc but which gives you most pleasure to see? I can imagine seeing someone walking down the street wearing a t-shirt with your design on it would be a real buzz. I have actually never seen anyone wearing any t-shirt I've designed apart from in catalogues so I am suspicious as to whether anyone has actually bought day that would be cool though. My favorite format is still a 12" record sleeve I would say. If you had to chose one piece of work you've done so far in your career as your favourite what would it be? Personally I really like the piece you did for the YCN Exhibition. Thanks! Umm I actually don't know, I sort of have this weird thing where I end up hating things I've done because I've seen it so much. The piece I did for the YCN book with the beach boys lyrics is probably something I dislike the least... How did the creative 30 project come along for you? The super amazing photographer Valerie Phillips nominated me, which was very kind of her. Lastly what does the future hold for you? I have no idea but I hope lots more work with cool people, fun, travel, cash money, happiness and way in the future a retirement somewhere coastal where I can wear pastel colours and paint sunsets. You can view Chrissie's work at and I thoroughly recommend that you do!