Here at The 405 tech, we are always on the look out for innovative products that attempt to break the mould. In the first of a new series, we chat to Clif Chambliss about his recently kickstarted product the 'Glomtom creator ', a product that aims to curb the back problems caused by poor posture whilst playing video games. As a 27-year-old gamer, I find myself clambering into the strangest positions just so I can make sure that the next headshot is perfect; I also happen to have severe lower back problems.

Hey Clif, First up. Give the readers of The 405 a brief introduction to who you are and what you do.

Hi Adam! I am the founder and owner of Glomtom International LLC, a husband, father, geek, gamer, grad student and bassist, and I love being around and talking to people, particularly about nerdy things.

What did you do before you had the key lightbulb moment regarding the Glomtom?

You mean what do I still do [laughs]. My career is still going strong with a background in pharmaceuticals and I currently am an account manager in the medical device industry. I am able to run Glomtom for now due to outsourcing and using my free time at night.

The dreaded free time at night. Regarding your idea moment, I've never had that reaction from holding a baby on a lap before. What was your wifes reaction?

My wife loves games, but did not game much while holding our infant children as she had the day shift and actually got things done around the house while our babies were sleeping. I preferred to hold them at night and spend hours playing video games. That was a very special time for me to connect to them. My wife understood this as she helped me learn to prop up my arms to cradle them with pillows so that I could be comfortable while gaming with them sleeping in my arms. As our children grew and no longer slept in my arms, I found I was addicted to the physiological feelings and experience of having my arms elevated a bit while gaming, so I was still using a pillow while gaming and it was my wife who encouraged me to research and ultimately start Glomtom. I could not have done this without her support.

So, why Glomtom? What was the inspiration behind the name?

I wish there was this great epic story, but the truth is that I spent five minutes on a word generator website which spit out "Glomtom". It resonated with us immediately and was trademarked within a few months. I am building a new type of product and brand name, so I need something new and unheard of. Coincidentally to "glom" on to someone is to grab hold of them (similar to how the Glomtom wraps around your torso while you game,) however I found that out after choosing the name.

"You also are putting your name and product out for the world to see and not everyone is receptive to it. I read some comments of people on the web mocking both myself and the Glomtom, referring to me as a fraud and crook and generally saying mean things" - Clif on Kickstarter

What key technological influences did you have behind the design of the Glomtom?

The only thing I have seen close to the "U" shape of the Glomtom is a nursing pillow which is not exactly a technological influence, however, I needed something ergonomic and tactical, so I enlisted the professional help of product designers and engineers to help finalize the shape, consistency, construction and look of the Glomtom. They ultimately understood my idea and have better knowledge of how ergonomics work, so they were a great help. We went through many sketches, drawings and actually merged a couple ideas to get to what we see today. The Glomtom design is a new concept for gaming and actually helps trigger deeper relaxation and stress reduction for gamers. When your arms and posture are ergonomically enhanced, your overall well being improves as blood flow returns to your core and your parasympathetic nervous system is triggered, resulting in stress reduction and healing within your body. It is similar to the relaxation you feel physically and emotionally when you put your feet up after a long day at work. Multiply this feeling by addressing this with your arms while gaming with the Glomtom. This is a very difficult concept to describe and needs to be experienced, which is why things went so well with us at PAX last week when people got to try the Glomtom and discover what they have been missing.

Kickstarter gets a lot of stick. Did you find your experience a pleasure or at times a chore?

Kickstarter should not get as much flack as is does. It is a great way to get word out about your product, idea, dream and give early adapters an exclusive part in your dream. Sadly, people have got burned when companies do not deliver on their promises of rewards and that makes it much harder to earn money. I spent a year researching and planning our Kickstarter. For a 30 day campaign, which statistically is the most successful timeframe for a campaign, it is an emotional and physical drain. You are up all hours emailing and researching for new ways to get your campaign visibility to the world in order to get more backers. There is much preparation, stress and money needed to make sure your pictures, video and write-up are up to par with some of the more successful campaigns. You also are putting your name and product out for the world to see and not everyone is receptive to it. I read some comments of people on the web mocking both myself and the Glomtom, referring to me as a fraud and crook and generally saying mean things.

I was actually not prepared for how those things would effect me. Most books and articles do not address how to cope with the negativity that can come from anonymous users on the internet. On the flip side, there was great pleasure seeing backers from all around the world line up for the Glomtom which showed that it is indeed a viable idea and product. Every time I got a backer my phone would ping me and it became an obsession checking it.

The worst was the dreaded middle of the campaign where backers dry up and slow down to a trickle for a couple weeks. Unless your campaign is viral, most people and companies will go through this lull which is awful. I was very glad to see it over and funded. So to answer your question, great pleasure and joy at times but mostly a chore.

So Clif, be honest with us here. How long do you spend playing video games every week?

I try to play at least 2 hours a night if I can. The average when things are slower is closer to 20 hours a week. We only watch Netflix and Hulu for TV, so there is nothing pending to watch nor is any useless time spent surfing channels to find a good show. Everything we do in our house in regards to TV is intentional, so I am very focused on specific games vs. just having the TV on out of habit. When traveling, my wife gets car sick easily, so she prefers to drive which frees me up for portable gaming on on my 3DS or Vita, which go everywhere with me if I need to be away from the house overnight.

Would Glomtom help those out who are commited to attempting to finish Destiny?

The Glomtom will help anyone who is committed to enjoying gaming. The Glomtom is not just a product, it is a movement of a new idea and concept that will change how people game forever. Our growing and fiercely loyal community are those who delight in discovering how the Glomtom has elevated something they love doing that is awesome and making it sublime. With that being said, we learned at our booth at PAX Prime last week that people who spend many hours playing, testing, competing or streaming console video games are gushing over the Glomtom, which confirms that I created the Glomtom for hardcore gamers like myself. I suggest ordering a Glomtom ASAP to get ready for long gaming sessions as the fall releases come out. (US only until we can stock the UK warehouse)

The 405 wants to know, how do you think the Glomtom will become part of every day life, for those who aren't gamers as well?

Absolutely. It has for my family, in fact I am using a Glomtom right now with my laptop and I feel centred. My wife used her Glomtom to play games on her phone last night. I also use it for books and my smart phone and tablets. I think much of that discovery will be made with both the gamers and their friends and family who have hands on time with the Glomtom. My design team really thinks the Glomtom will be big with those other markets as they are not gamers themselves. However, the tablet market is enormous in scope and ranges from ages 2 to 82 which makes it difficult and expensive to market the Glomtom to them right now. The innovation of the Glomtom stems from my passion as a gamer and our reception on both Kickstarter and PAX confirms that we are in the right niche right now, which is really where I prefer to be as a gamer myself. It also helps that the world is starting to learn how big gaming really is with articles in the WSJ about Youtube gamers and the New York Times regarding arena e-sports. I love being a gamer and introducing the Glomtom to a global community united by this passion.

What addons would you want to create for the Glomtom, a cup holder for example?

In development, a cup holder was discussed, but it was never an part of my vision for the Glomtom. My primary goal and dream with Glomtom is to share an amazing concept and discovery with gamers to enhance their gaming experience. The Glomtom was created for that sole reason: superior performance and ergonomic comfort while gaming. The last thing I would want anyone to pigeon hole the Glomtom into s a glorified and gimmicky TV tray. With that being said, many people at PAX asked about a cup holder. In the end if my customers want that, then I may need to work on some new designs or accessories in the future. In the meantime, I've got one product that I need to get off the ground first.

The Glomtom is not available in the UK currently but will be in time for Christmas. Make sure you add it to your Christmas list.

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