VICE, Volvo, The Independent and Yahoo! have teamed up on a project called Creative 30 which aims to find and celebrate thirty of Britain’s most promising young creative people and The 405 were fortunate enough to ask two of the judges a few questions! Heres part two, our interview with Illustrator Jiro Bevis! Jiro Bevis Illustrator Hi Jiro, Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and also how you got involved with Creative 30? My name's Jiro, I moved to London 7 years ago to do my BA in Graphic Design at Central St. Martins, and have been living and working here since. I think because I have worked a lot with Vice, they asked if I would like to be involved with the Creative 30. How important do you think projects such as this are in highlighting new talent? Anything that can highlight talent and get them seen by a mass audience is always a good thing. I think one of the main things I learnt at college was that the best artists don't necessarily get all the best work, which I always thought was unfair. Projects like these allow for actually talented people to be seen.   How did it feel to be included in the panel of judges? Considering the extreme amount of talent on that panel I'm assuming it's quite a vote of confidence to be included? It was a bit odd really, when I was first told about it I assumed I had been picked by one of the judges.  To be included on a panel that includes someone as important as Vivienne Westwood is an honour and I would be happy if I achieved just 1% of what she has in her career. As for your career did you take part in anything similar to this in the development of your career? No, not that I can think of, although it would have great if I had. The exposure should be really helpful for all the artists picked. I know it's pretty early to be judging the entries quite yet but have you seen any of them yet? and if so what are your first impressions? Yeah, I've had a look, its good because it's a real mix of art disciplines, and I've seen some interesting artists that I'd never heard of before. Links