The 405 Radar was recently seen directly on top of San Francisco in search of awesome bands and yet again it came up with the goods with the experimental masterminds, Crime In Choir. So it's with my pleasure to present to you a mini-interview with the band* Just in case our readers haven’t heard of you, could you explain who you are and what you do? We're a 6-dude instrumental band from San Francisco, California by the name, Crime in Choir. Who are your main influences? Vangelis, Don Cherry, Soft Machine, CAN, Ash ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream, Glenn Gould, Stanley Kubrick, Feli Kuti, Jorodowsky, Yes, Lygeti, Supermax, Relfections, Miami Vice. Whats the story behind your name? The name somewhat refers to the artist, Francisco Goya's mental breakdown in the late 1700s. His dark, dramatic realm of fantasy and nightmare really inspired the first two CIC records. How do you feel about being considered a ‘prog’ band? Do you wear capes? The music is prog and most prog is pretty silly. We do our thing without letting it get too ridicoulous. No, no capes to date. I recently spent some time in Northern California, specifically San Francisco and it seems that music scene there is in a great place right now. How do you feel about it? Well, 3 of us used to live in Austin, Texas (which is a truly great place to play music). It's hard for us to say we love playing music here. For all the musicians there are in the Bay Area, you would expect to see more support in San Francisco. We'd say the cities just outside SF are better places to play....Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Sacramento.... Could you explain what kind of process you go through with the writing of your songs? It's always a collective process. Becuase there 6 of us writing, it can sometimes be a lenghty process. We'll usually start with the keys, then the horns and guitars harmonize over whatever backbone is established. Hit repeat, pause, repeat, pause, fast fwd, rewind and stop. You have a crime in choir song. Do you have any plans to come over to Britain to play? Yes. We'd love to come there to play. Maybe this Summer. Finally what are your plans for 2009? We have a new record called, Gift Givers, coming out in Jan 2009 on Kill Shaman Records. We'll be touring a little bit around California to support the release and maybe plans to get out of CA this coming Summer. Also, 2 of us are playing in a new band called, Jonas Reinhardt. Our debut record was released on Kranky in Nov. So we're also touring in support of that this in Jan. 2009. You can check the band out at Listen: MP3: Crime In Choir - Stong Beautiful Suspicious Horse