Efterklang are a wonderful band from Copenhagen that create dreamy/glitchy post-pop music that will have you in a dream like state for hours upon listening to any of their fantastic albums.  The 405 will only ever interview the artists we love the most and these guys definitely fall under that category. So here we go! our interview with Thomas Husmer from Efterklang! Your myspace has 415,064 views to count, does that impress you? 

Yes it does. It is great have an indication that shows that we have made it as far as this. And it feels wonderful to know that we actually have fans around the world that follows us. 

Where did you get your sound from? is it influenced by earth, sea, sky or space! Or just other bands?

That’s a good question. I think part of our sound comes from our desire to play and experiment. Instruments and other things that can produce sounds fascinate us, and therefore our rehearsal space has a lot of instruments and junk. These are our toys and they are very important inspirations.

Rumraket, your record label has some really fantastic artists on it, and some new ones i really like. What made you decide to start a record label?

Thank you! The fact that we run our own record label is a logical result of the way we run our band. When we started out we realized that we had to depend on our self if we wanted to get our music out to the public. We actually started Rumraket so that we could publish our first release Springer. 

I'd love to know what their writing process is like, whether it's group writing, or one person bringing finished or semi-finished pieces to the group.

Casper and Mads are our main composers. Sometimes Casper creates some semi-finished pieces at home that later becomes complete when the rest of the band joins in. Most of the songs on Parades where sketches that were worked around with in the studio. The sketches slowly became songs, as layers where added little by little.

In your live shows it would seem that you're fans of the double thumbs up. Is this something that you consciously rehearse?

It was something we did unconsciously. But for some reason people have noticed that we do it, and some have started to comment it. I guess we have thought that if people think we are a ‘double thumbs up’ band, then why not be it. I think the double thumb up thing fits well with our self-image, and that’s why we’ve kept it.

Why doesn't Rune Molgaard tour with you?

He is busy raising his two children.

If money was no object for your stage show, what would you like to do/ be able to have?

It would be cool to have dancing elephants!

Are their any plans to tour with Slaraffenland in the UK?

We have just toured US together with Slaraffenland. They’re great people and we had real great fun. I’m sure we will tour with them again. And UK will surely be one of our top priorities. But I can’t promise you that it will happen soon – sorry!