Last week, because The 405 radar was so spot on with it's musical choice, we decided to give it a raise. Not only that but we decided to pop in on it's pick, Fanfarlo, to ask them some questions. Enjoy! Hello! How are you today? Still recovering from christmas. Just in case our readers haven't heard of you, could you explain who you are? The last hope of pop music. How did your name came about? I was really into Baudelaire at the time, but had to pick a more obscure reference than Fleurs Du Mal. What are your top five bands/artists/musicians of all time? This constantly changes. But a very good record is "Hallelujah All The Way Home" by the Verlaines. What was it like recording your album in America? Are you excited about it being released? It was like having spent two years reading books about geology and then going down to Brighton trying to build a sand castle out of pebbles. We are very proud of it. Your playing at SXSW next year, that's gotta be exciting right? It's our second time there, and we're hoping this time will be as much fun as the last one. It's a weird place, it's very industry focused. You kind of have to stay away from the downtown corporate sponsored events. Unexpectedly I had the best soya latte ever in Austin. What's your favourite lyric ever and why? "You don't know what you're doing, but you do it all the time" - Beat Happening. For obvious reasons. Your one of our big tips for 2009, but who do you think we should be checking out? Our friends Screaming Tea Party are thoroughly entertaining, and put out a fantastic 10" on Stolen Records a while back. Everyone should own it. Finally what are your plans for 2009? World Domination? Building a church out of kittens. Going to Japan. Inventing a new type of caramel. Etc. Questions answered by Simon You can check the band out at Listen: MP3: Fanfarlo - Fire Escape