The 405 loves First Aid Kit so we decided to interview the girls about life, Gary Numan, the Drunken Tree EP (review here) and who would play them in a film! Firtsly, to anybody that may not be familiar with First Aid Kit, could you Introduce yourself? We're a swedish sisters duo and mainly we just want to write good songs and tell stories that we think are worth telling and mean something to us. We often fall into the "folk-pop" category and we like old country and bluegrass too. It's all about the vocals and the harmonies. We want to put our voices in the centre and let them carry the songs. We don't have a lot of instrumentation, it's mostly just guitar, keyboard and vocals. We also play the auto harp. Our music is pretty simple, but it's the simplicity that we think is our greatest strength. Because of our powerful vocals, the songs can get pretty intense without all the heavy instrumentation. Could you let us in on your music based influences? When we were kids we were always surrounded by the favourite music of our parents. They loved Patti Smith, The Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, T.Rex, Elliott Smith, Pixies and Television. They had a pretty good taste back in the days, and they still have. We don't know how this early encounter with music has influenced us, but it certainly got us on the right track. Right now our influence comes mainly from both the newer and the older folk and country music. The newer being the "freak folk" section with artists such as Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Alela Diane and Antony & the Johnsons in addition to alternative country acts such as Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis, Ryan Adams and Neko Case and the older being Woody Guthrie, Karen Dalton, Bill Monroe, Louvin Brothers and Gram Parsons among others. We really love your cover of Tiger Mountain Peasent Song, why did you decide to cover that? I've also read you used to sing Britney/Christina songs when you were younger, any chance of you covering one of their songs!? The Fleet Foxes cover was an on the spur of the moment type thing, very spontaneous. We have a forest near our house and we just though it'd be fun to go out and try to record the song. We just did it out of love for the music of the Foxes. We didn't plan to upload it onto YouTube or MySpace or anything, but we eventually did and the response we got was totally unexpected. Regarding the Britney/Christina thing: it is not going to happen. We listened to them when we were nine years old and we've moved on. I couldn't believe that you were that young when I heard your voices and lyrics. They show a level of maturity that not many people can get away with, no matter what their age. Which, off the top of my head, is something only Conor Oberst has managed to pull off. Have you had any issues with regards to your age? or is it not a factor for you? Yes, we certainly have had issues whereas people expect us to sing songs about teenage lives, and that when you're so young, and girls especially, you can't listen to the kind of music that we like. We have lots of friends  though who listens to similair music, so we don't think it's weird at all. We just want to make music that means something to us, that feels real and honest, and if that seems "mature" than maybe it is. When we started we weren't thinking of what people would think about it, we just made it. You come from Sweden, which, from what I've heard, is quite a beautiful place. Firstly, are you inspired by your surroundings and secondly, whats the music scene like over there? Sweden is beautiful. There's so much greenery, so many forests. It may be painfully cold at times, but walking through a huge quiet forest all covered in snow really is magical and makes up for the coldness. Our surrodings have definetly inspired us in the fact that we write about nature and the environment. Also it's easier to write sad songs on a cold and dark day then on a sunny day.  The music scene is very varied. There's a lot of good music right now although there's not a big folk scene here, which is sad. But hopefully that will change. Whats it like being sisters in the same band? We're on good terms with each other, we do quarrel every now and then, but all sisters do that, and it never gets very serious. Our whole music situation is pretty special and it's keeping us together. Whenever we're on the stage we have the best time. We trust each other and we're always completely honest. It's good to have someone with you that you truly know - it makes you feel secure and supported. Why do you love Gary Numan so much? Well, the Gary Numan thing is sort of a joke and we took it from the cult series Mighty Boosh. We started joking about it last year and it has sort of stuck with us. Lots of people don't seem to get that we're not serious about it though, which is wierd because we think it's pretty obvious our folk music has nothing in common with his dark electro. Though of course Gary Numan isn't bad, we like him a lot actually. Especially "Are Friends Electric?" haha. Plus he's a pop singer AND a he's got a pilote's licence - can anyone top that? Your Drunken Trees EP is finally being released in England at the end of February, how does that feel? Exciting and surreal. Mostly the latter. We never thought we'd get this far, but it feels great and we feel very honoured and greatful that we get to do what we love to do the most. If a film was made about you, what would be the title and who would play you? The title would be "The Diabetic Nurse" and Klara would be portrayed by Natalie Portman and Johanna by Kate Winslet, haha. Alan Rickman has got to be in it. Gary Numan too. What does 2009 have in store for you? School will end, then hopefully touring and hopefully the release of our debut album. We're ready to work our asses off! Listen: MP3: First Aid Kit - Tiger Mountain Peasent Song