We caught up with JR from Girls to talk about Google, their debut album and future plans. Check it out and if you haven't heard their music before make sure you change that ASAP. Hey how are you? Firtsly could you describe yourself to our readers? Self hating, tired, old. I am a slightly akward human being in need of more discipline in my life. What's the story behind your name and do you have any issues with your name? It's a definite google buster! No issues with the name. Im trying to resolve all or any "issues" I have with with girls at the moment. Its just a name I blurted out when the question of what we should call this music we were recording. It sounded nice if not rather ambiguous which I liked. We still have a laugh when anyone asks us "Are you guys Girls?" Your debut album ('Album') comees out later this year. What can we expect from it? Thats a hard quetion to answer. I hope as a listener you dont really know what to expect because the songs of ours that are out there are all quite different. I can tell you to expect an album that was made by two friends. You can expect to hear an album made in various locations from childhood bedrooms to rehearsal studios. Its very personal, dark, light, obnoxious, heavy, deep, etc.... Talking about your debut album, you've decided to call it 'album'. Are you trying to make yourself un-googleable? Maybe. Never gave it a thought. I have moments of considering those marketable aspects of being a band like making a "googable band name or album but just end up feeling like an asshole for even considering it. A lot of great bands seem to be springing up out of SF recently. Do you have any golden band tips for us? T.I.T.S. a live show must see if you get a chance. As well as a lovely new artist making ethereal slightly goth loveliness under the name Tamryn. You recently came over to the UK to play some shows. How did that go? Better than expected. Great shows and really responsive crowds. Some of us fell in love and some of us fell back in love with San Francisco. Finally, what does the rest of 2009 have in store for you guys? Your guess is as good as mine. Links: http://www.myspace.com/girlssanfran