It's safe to say that bands like the Grammatics are in a small group of UK bands that will be fighting it out to turn their 'tipped to be big in 2009' titles into actual success this year but we at The 405 feel they can do it and to celebrate their greatness, here's a little interview with the band in question. For all the newbies, could you explain a little bit about yourself? My name is Owen Brinley. I sing and play all sorts of daft instruments in a melodic but complex and sometimes quite dissonant pop group called Grammatics. If you had to tag your music what would you tag it? If I talk to anyone about you I find it really hard to explain what kind of music you create! Phrases like ‘post-pop’ and ‘complipop’ have been banded about in the past. It is normally an indie custom for bands to rebel against the cache they are placed in. Nirvana saying ‘Grunge is Dead’, Klaxons dismay at New Rave etc. I suppose it’s the opposite with Grammatics, we have such a fleeting relationship with genres and styles that I suppose we’ll be relieved if someone ever serves us with a definitive tag for what we do. It seems we can’t help but contradict ourselves from track to track, however, cohesion has never been an aim of ours. Who are your main influences? Some of the acts/labels that have kept me making music and inspired me are This Et Al, Bjork, Saddle Creek, Low, Elliot Smith, Dischord, Blur, My Bloody Valentine, Echo and The Bunnymen, Bowie, PJ Harvey, Refused, !!! and Suede. I’m not sure that we sound particularly like any of these acts, but a record or song’s influence on a band can be quite subliminal at times. It could just be the way a vocal line is phrased beautifully or peculiarly, a guitar strummed carelessly, little things that you absorb. When’s your debut album out? Are you excited about it? I’m not sure that we have a concrete release date yet but it’ll be around mid March. We’re all really exited about it, which is a very good sign…we’d be apprehensive if we didn’t believe we’d made the best record the band was capable of making in 2008. It’s a relief to be looking forward to it! We predict you’re gonna be huge in 2009 but what other bands do you think we should be checking out? Blue Roses is singer-songwriter Laura Groves new project, she’ll be releasing her debut album on XL/Salvia this year and kindly contributed vocals to our album too. She has a new song up at called ‘Doubtful Comforts’ that is a work of undisputable genius. I ’ve also got to big-up our best chums Pulled Apart By Horses who’ll undoubtedly be having a messy 2009…no one does unbridled fucking chaos quite like they do. Lastly, check out Wintermute who are kind of like what Cap’n Jazz would’ve been like if they hadn’t been all sloppy and could sing and shred better than anyone else on the planet…spazzy-jazzy post-punk with hardcore gangbanging-vocals on whizzzzzz. Finally what are your plans for 2009? Tour, Tour, Tour, festivals, tour, write some more…learn to look after ourselves in a more suitable manner than in 2008. Improve! Bonus questions What are your top five bands/artists/musicians of all time? Christ, what a question. Cursive, Elliot Smith, Blur, This Et Al, Radiohead. If a film was made about you, what would be the title? What would it be about and who would play you? ‘Brassic and Shot it’ – The story of a young man’s financial struggle in the face of amateur alcoholism and internalised social problems. Starring, erm, Winona Ryder in a mohair suit. What’s your favourite lyric ever and why? ‘You’ll never make it to Chicago on that broom’ from ‘Free Adam Innocent’ by This Et Al…for the sheer absurdity and the beauty it is sung with. Visit the band at Listen: MP3: Grammatics - Dilemma