With the Buffalo Bar less than a week away we've decided it's time to bring forth some information on the bands who will making appearances, in the form of an interview. We pinned down Hair Traffic Control and they gave us a lengthy series of intelligent answers: Firstly, could you introduce yourself to our readers and briefly explain how the band started? Dan: We've been playing together for about 2 years with Ben playing as of his birthday this year, as we couldn't afford a real present. We started in basements and moved up to living rooms and now sometimes people ask us to play real venues. We all like lots of music, from Lightning Bolt to The Bad Plus to the Beach Boys, but don't agree on all of it, so we write our songs in some sort of committee. We generally sway between sober nights of trying to write horribly challenging technical music, and drunken nights of writing lumbering horrible noisy music. Then at gigs we get drunk and play with conviction and gritted teeth. Hopefully. Chris: I met Dan and Ed and needed a house and a band and they accommodated. The rest has been history. Image and video hosting by TinyPic How did you come up with the name Hair Traffic Control ? Do you think that having a humorous name means that people take you less seriously, though clearly your music is to be taken seriously. Dan: I think the name comes from us not taking ourselves seriously as people, and therefore finding it hard to give ourselves an awesome cool name. Maybe people presume we're a joke band, I don't know. If people do come to see us under that pretense, I expect they're incredibly disappointed. However, the upshot is that because the name is essentially utterly meaningless, people have no real preconception of what we're going to play, so we can do whatever the hell we like. Ben: If you think about it, music is much more universally accessible than humour anyway, so, since we're not entirely geeky dullards, we inject our humour in the form of a ridiculous name than butcher the actual songs with it. Chris: I wish you'd been around since the start, then you could have given us that excuse. Really, a name doesn't matter. I'm still convinced that “Men” are called such in order to trap people into the “I totally love men!” gigglefest. We have had myriad names and may change it again, but I think its the least of our concerns, while it seems to form the core of everyone else's. Maybe sometimes I regret the pun, then I laugh and stop caring again. At least were not called “Last April's American Hot Lunch”. How are you feeling about playing with Elks and Hold Your Horse Is at the upcoming Buffalo Bar gig which The405 is presenting. Do you think your styles mesh well together on a line up or would you say they contrast each other well enough to give you both the opportunities to own the stage. Dan: So long as the bands don't actually have to segue into one another, a variety of styles on a night is a great thing. I can't think of anything worse than watching a night of bands doing the same thing, as it bores the hell out of me. I think there's a few vague similarities between all the bands, but not enough for it to get dull. Elks and Hold Your Horse Is are both fucking ace, which is all that bothers me. Chris: We've played with Elks before, in Manchester, a while ago, and I too am stoked about seeing them again. Its the best thing about gigs, you get to see so many other brilliant acts tear-assing around the country. More often than not you meet awesome people united by a love for what they do, who wouldn't stop for the world (but perhaps have to for a kid, or a job, or a religious conversion....) Photobucket Who or what inspires you when writing new material? Ed: Car crashes, shipwrecks and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Dan: The sea. Its vastness scares the shit out of me. I'd write about space but trying to even begin comprehending that would probably melt me. At least you can fit the sea in an atlas. Ben: The great thing about being in a band is that you inspire each other when you're playing. That's kind of the point. When everyone's together in a room, you just sort of stop thinking and do stuff. I suppose more pertinently though, the real inspiration is cheap beer and plenty of fags. And plenty of faggy cheap girls. Chris: Yeah, I don't think we try to be like any other bands, we simply play and what we play is what we are. The early songs were all about people and things that pissed us off, but now they're mainly about Risk; a turn based game for 2-6 players. Image and video hosting by TinyPic If a film was made about your lives, who would play you, what would the film be called and what would it be about? Ed: It’d have to be a short art house film called ‘Le Bof’ starring Keanu Reeves as me. The entire film would consist of him falling down stairs in slow motion. Ben: It'd be a three hour Faecal Porn epic called Hairy Crappic Controlathon. I'd play myself. Chris: Myself, a 248 minute endoscopic adventure into my own capillaries while I continually lose mine-sweeper flags with Ed, a little solipsistic but then aren't we all? Dan: Mine would be a 30 second sequence based inside Chris's head, with loads of little Chris's running around inside his brain, controlling his body like the Numskulls from the Beano. It would start the moment he typed that previous answer, and they would spend the entirety of the film high-fiving each other because they used the word 'solipsistic' and they are totally stoked about how that Philosophy degree totally wasn't a waste of time. Oh, and they would all be played by David Mitchell with a moustache drawn on in biro. A big part of our site is about recommending bands/artists to our readers but who would you recommend to us? Ed: Maps & Atlases, Infected Mushroom, Super Tennis and BK & Dad. Ben: My favourite person in the world is Adem, and I can only recommend that if he isn't yours already, you should lock yourself in a room with his CDs and listen to them on repeat until he is. The band I've most enjoyed playing with from Norwich is Follow your Heart, but they're too crap to have recorded any songs, or have any internet presence whatsoever, so please save this as a reminder for three years in the future to your Outlook, so you can catch them when things actually start happening. You heard it here first. Dan: Between Us and The Fire, Estiban!, Theo, Worrier and A Bear are all bands we've played with that I've been impressed with, off the top of my head. All worth checking out. Chris: Cats in Paris, these guys released a storming album last year and are just getting better. We got to play the Manchester release party last year, awesome. Gentle Friendly and DD/MM/YYYY, though I'm yet to see them, and Gold Panda who I should hopefully see with the awesome Three Trapped Tigers before playing with Elks and HYHI. If you want to tell us about awesome music then myspace us, yeah? We also host many debates on our site and we were wondering if you had any burning questions you'd like our readers to battle over? Ben: 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? Dan: You could give us a new name? Please? Chris: The Stones or The Beatles, which touched more kids? Ed: Why does no one believe I'm Robocop? Lastly, what does the rest of 2009 have in store for you? Dan: Fingers crossed, a 7” single and a tour. We're not the type to count our chickens though, so watch this space. Ben: 420 cheap meals, 285 pints of probably-vomit-inducing beer, 164 frustrated band practices, 119 changes of pants, 27 trying smiles, 7 disowned friends, 3 hastily recruited new ones, 2 days of desperate Christmas shopping, and 1 really life-affirming wank. Oh, and the release of the Peter Serafinowicz Show on DVD. Ed: Lots of smelly car drives to gigs, getting lost, arguments over whether Genghis Khan or the Vikings pioneered rape & pillaging and whereabouts in Norwich you'd go in a zombie holocaust. Oh, and more crap versions of Mustang Sally in practice, please. Chris: Another 4 months of making poor excuses for ourselves. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Do not miss Hair Traffic Control at the all important night, next Tuesday, 25th August: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116704178150&ref=ts