We recently got into Hattie Newmans work via the Creative 30 project and even though she didn't win the competition, for us she's still a winner. Check out this tiny interview with the lady herself! Who or what would you say are your inspirations? I am inspired by everything around me, especially of its colourful! I love houses, maps, children's TV (like the Magic Roundabout), stationary shops and animators such Jan Svankmajer and Len Lye. If you had to chose one piece of work you've done so far in your career as your favourite what would it be? I can't choose a favourite because I change my mind about my work all the time. One day I'll like a bit of work I've done, and the next day I will hate it! I am probably most proud of the Robin's Clogs animation because it was such a long and testing project and I like the results! How did the creative 30 project come along for you? I heard about it through a friend and I applied for it because I had nothing to lose! Lastly what does the future hold for you? At the moment I am planning my life one day at a time! I am working on a few personal projects and for a designer who makes amazing window displays for department stores. I also plan to keep working/collaborating with other creatives because that is when i have the most fun! You can view more work by Hattie Newman at http://hattienewman.blogspot.com/