Interview by: Aaron Hunt and Oliver Primus 'The 405 Presents' at the Buffalo Bar is just four days away! Kicking off the night is Hold Your Horse Is. We cornered them for an enlightening interview about themselves, the forthcoming event and everyone's favourite man, Christopher Walken. Hold your horse is, is a rather unique and bold name for a band. It's pretty tongue in cheek. How did you come up with the name? Robin: Well thanks! It’s a bit of a nod to Hella, they have an album called Hold Your Horse Is… It also made sense to us because for a while it was just me on guitar and Rouse on drums, before we got Mr. Penny on bass. You see. You guys recently had one of your songs played on "BBC Introducing". Was that a surreal experience for you having one of your tracks played on such a mainstream radio station? Chris: Well, we got played by Steve Lamacq on Radio 1 before that. That was weirder! A friend happened to be listening in his car and he called me to tell me, I tried to get on the Internet to hear it, but literally heard the last chord. Still…AWESOME!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic James: But we were also totally stoked to be played on BBC Introducing! We seem to have created this rather nice animal name related line up for Buffalo Bar on the 25th, what with Elks and yourselves. What are your thoughts/feelings about the gig and those playing along side you? Robin: Should be a cool night! We’re dreaming of the day when we play with loads of other Horse bands… such as Fallenizza Horsepower, Pulled Apart By Horses, Horse the Band, etc… James: Or artists who look like horses?! Who or what influences you when writing new material? Does the music you listen to influence the music you make? Robin: We’ll more likely get influenced by something funny off YouTube and write a song from that! Ha. But seriously, there are some awesome bands in our local scene and we’ve played with loads of great bands in other places so that’s got to help… We’re always hyped on writing new stuff, I guess we take inspiration from everywhere. Right now we’re listening to stuff like Nine Inch Nails, Billy Talent, Dido, Cap’n Jazz, Braid, Grammatics... Image and video hosting by TinyPic You're currently touring up and down the UK. How’s that going for you? Any stories from the road you'd like to share? Chris: I got a bit silly and smashed up my kit in Oxford, I hit James in the back of the head with a cymbal. I felt bad.... for a few seconds! Robin: We also did a gig in Hove, and some lady got up and shouted "KEEP IT DOWN THERE'S A BABY ASLEEP BACK 'ERE!!" we thought it was a joke but there really was a baby! That gig was so hysterically bad. James: We played Andover to the sound guy and the bar man, it felt like an episode of Flight of the Conchords… haha. What's your favorite Christopher Walken film? Chris: Pulp Fiction “Five long years, he wore this watch, up his ass” HAHA! That, or A View To A Kill. Yes! Robin: He’s a genius. I like his character in True Romance. We got quite obsessed with the Kevin Bishop show a while ago, the Christopher Walken sketches on that are too good! We like to do a weekly debate here on The 405. This week asks the question, are we alone in the universe. What do you guys think? Robin: Heck no! I really want to see District 9 when it comes out! Chris: If I think about how massive space is I get a headache! There must be something though… It’s a bit too vast for it to have come from nothing! Image and video hosting by TinyPic Finally, what’s next for the band, in terms of any new projects you have or any aspirations you have in life that you would still like to work towards and achieve. Is there anyone you'd like to give a shout out to? Chris: I think the plan is to get massive! Then we can have a huge fall out, and sell our stories to Hello Magazine! Ha! James: Play some music to some people. Repeat. Progress. Buy a boat. Robin: We’re recording as often as possible with our main man Gordon Mills, we’re pretty much locked in with him so it’s always cool and we’re always happy with the results. Apart from that we’re playing plenty of gigs, booking loads more, trying to get out to new areas, you know. I reckon if we start doing shout outs now we’ll be here for ages… Next Tuesday, get ready for a riveting night: