Art for Kunst is an exciting new project, offering highly collectible and functional art pieces from established street and graffiti artists and the freshest new talent - Aida, Dora, Mac1, Juice 126, Dscreet, Faith47, Plimsoul and Zoot - all at affordable prices! AfK will be bringing you a range of fabulous art throughout the year from their our website and at various pop-up market stalls across London. They launch on Today (5-9pm) at The Old Truman Brewery’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ market (stall XX). AfK will be selling 10 designs in special edition, limited run (50 per design) gift packs comprising an artist T-shirt (S, M, L or XL) and an A6 framed print. Each gift pack retails at £65. Art For Kunst launches today! The405 sat down with creator and founder of Art For Kunst - Jim Towning for this EXCLUSIVE interview. Check it out! For our readers at home, can you tell us who you are, where you're from and how you're involved with Art For Kunst? My name is Jim Towning. I’m a designer and run the London-based advertising company overthrow|uk. I also founded Art for Kunst. How did the idea for Art For Kunst come about? I bought an old print from wood block in Prague a few years ago. It had the word “kunst” written on the back. I didn’t know the meaning but had seen it around and found it quite funny. I did a Google search and discovered it was Germanic for art. “Art for art” is a common phrase but I thought it sounded so much better as “Art for Kunst”. I bought the domain name and sat on it until I had the idea for the gift pack, at which point Art for Kunst seemed the obvious choice. You've got some highly talented artists on your list. Were these choices based on personal preference or did you really delve deep into the culture of street art to find the hottest names on the scene? We didn't have to do too much research, to be honest. Personally I’m interested in street art and have a reasonable knowledge, especially of the artists I like. Also, over the last few years overthrow|uk has done a lot creative work – branding, advertising, web design and viral marketing – for artists, galleries and curators. We’ve built up good relationships with them, which made it easy for us to get in contact with the right people for this project. Thankfully they all liked the idea and submitted great designs. Who are you most excited about having involved? Is there anyone that you consider a real accomplishment to have got on board? Are there any names that didn't make the list that you would love to have? I love all the work. It’s great to have such talent involved. They all bring something different but work really well as a collection. Juice’s style is so far from Dscreet’s, and again Mac 1’s from Faith 47’s. There’s no one artist that I am most thankful to – they’ve all produced amazing designs and we are just excited to see how they sell. I am going to have one of each pack for myself, and I’ve also promised everyone in the office a box set for Christmas – nobody can decide which design they like best, though. How is Art For Kunst going to be different from any modern art shop selling its collections right now? What can people expect from you? We focus on affordable and functional art. I like the idea of combining collectable pieces with everyday products. I love buying and owning original art pieces but it’s also nice to own limited editions or unique everyday items. I guess we’ll be quite similar to most galleries in essence because we’ll be selling original art and also designs reproduced on different products. We want to focus on the quality, presentation and originality of these items and do them in limited runs to make them even more collectable. Art For Kunst is only going to be around for a limited time. Are there any plans to continue the project after Christmas? Yes. We hope so. This is our first AFK project so it’s really a test-bed for the idea. If it’s successful we’ll be running a variety of events over the coming year – from pop-up market stalls and web sales to exhibitions and live events. I have ideas I would like to try but ultimately it would be great to have an Art for Kunst gallery and cafe with the advertising company above. Finally, what’s next for you? In terms of any new projects you have or any aspirations you have in life that you would still like to work toward and achieve? I just did a lecture at Chelsea Art College to the BA design course and would like to do more public speaking about design. I also have a few ideas that I would also like to put in to practise but with Art for Kunst and overthrow|uk I am pretty tied up for now. I’ll spend the next year focusing on them and hopefully develop a stable ground to launch any future projects. The stall will be open from Thursday to Sunday for four weeks in the run up to Christmas: Thurs 5pm - 9pm (First day setup between 2pm - 4pm) Fri 12pm - 6pm Sat 10am - 6pm Sun 10am - 6pm (Final day de-rig 6pm - 7pm) For more information on the products, artists, opening times, dates or directions please visit the web site -