Joe Wilson is an illustrator from Leicester who I truly believe is quite special. I've yet to see anything by him that doesn't make me smile and that's quite rare. Not only does he have a entire galaxy worth of talent but he's also a very nice guy! I sent some questions his way and here's what he had to say! Hello Joe! Could you describe to our readers a little bit about you and what you do? Hi, Im an illustrator/artist with a penchant for producing detailed drawings and prints, mainly using fineline pens and pencils. The use of animals in your work is quite prominent, why is that? I guess i've always been slightly obsessed with animals and im fascinated by their habits and lives, so when i get to do some personal work it usually formulates itself in that way. I think the physical form of animals also lends itself to illustration because it is so varied and so unfamiliar. I think they are a great tool for projecting human thoughts/feelings/actions on to, and that gets my imagination whirring! How did you get involved with the creative 30 project? A friend of mine saw the creative 30 call for entries in vice magazine and thought i should try my luck. I sent some stuff down without really thinking about it, and they rang me pretty quickly to arrange a film session. Was really cool to be chosen for something like that and its mad to have a cool video made about your work. I really liked the t-shirt design you did for Topshop. How did that come about and was it weird seeing your designs in such an established shop? Just over a year ago I joined the debut art illustration agency and at the time they were taking part in Designers Block: Illustrate. A huge illustration celebration as part of london design week where hordes of illustrators were let loose over the walls, floors and ceilings of a huge warehouse type space in Highbury. Topshop had seen this event and really wanted a piece of the action. A year later I get a call saying Topshop wanted me to design a T-shirt for them as part of an exclusive collection. I said yes of course and got to work with 7 other amazing artists on the project, which culminated in an in-store exhibition of hand-painted murals/doodles etc in Oxford Street and Manchester. I was really happy with what I had done for them and it was both wierd and awesome to see my designs in one of the biggest fashion retailers in the world, pat on the back for wilson! Lastly, what does the future hold for Joe Wilson? Good question, I want to continue doing commercial work and developing my work in that way. I also want to do more events like designers block and the Topshop in-store stuff. It's really interesting to get lots of artists working on things in the same area so i'm keen to do that along with more exhibitions. Just getting out there really, hopefully creative 30 will bring some more interest (and jobs). Onwards and upwards basically! Visit Joe at