Kassem G gets the hot girls but why can't I? We all have our favorite comedians - Adam Sandler, Tom Green, Will Farrell. The likes of whom have all become famous Hollywood funny men. But everyone has to start out somewhere! It was Adam Sandler who first nurtured his comic talent while at New York University, performing regularly in clubs and on campuses. Tom Green first started out in a short-lived career as a rapper, in a group called Organized Rhyme, but later went on to achieve cult status with his cable access television show - The Tom Green Show, which would later go on to become an MTV hit. And I know he's not exactly helping my point here, but even Will Farrel developed his improvisation skills as a member of the comedy group The Groundlings. And then there was Internet comedian extraordinaire and Wolf T-shirt wearing enthusiast - Kassem G. Kassem has been taking the open minded world of Youtube by side splitting force with his old school comedic improvisation and the ability to put a hilarious spin on topics that would otherwise have you hung, in some foreign countries that shall remain nameless! Kassem's intellectual sense of humor is regularly seen to zap out from behind his thick black rimmed glasses with a twinkle in his eye rather naturally and unforced. Prying on unsuspecting members of the general public, Kassem takes to the streets of Santa Monica, California in order to deliver witty come backs and embarrassing verbal bitch slaps to the face - a sign of a true comic genius - And who knows, maybe some day Kassem will join the Sandlers', Greens', Careys' and Murphys' in the comedy elite as one of the coolest comedians of our generation! Kassem took some time out to talk to The405 about just what makes him so damn funny! Check It Out! First off, how did you come about wanting to start your own YouTube channel? Originally, I wanted a place where I could upload some stand up vids. But with a little direction from Cory (SMPFILMS), I realized that it could be an outlet for anything I wanted to do but never had a medium for in the past. You currently have 35,996 subscribers and a total of 299,660 channel views. How does something like that make you feel? Does it influence your views on Youtube itself or influence your videos? I don't understand the question so i will make up an answer. :) I could repeat it or say it a lot slower for you if you like? As my audience grows, so does the thought process behind my videos. I feel like every idea needs to be a home run or else I will disappoint the subscribers i work so hard to entertain. It gets tough, but all that is unneeded pressure on myself. My viewers are the coolest people around and are always supportive of everything i do. Since comedy is the main focus of your channel, which type of comedy do you prefer - the rehearsed stand up and skit side or the improvised humor made up on the spot and why? I like both. I love a well done sketch but love to see people react in the moment when improvising. Both are great. How do you come up with the ideas for your videos? Who or What influences you? Ideas generally come up when you're not thinking about it. I can sit for hours and not come up with anything but then be in the shower and think of a great premise all of a sudden. Which tough because it really cuts into my masturbating. Recently, i've been doing a lot of topical material so watching the news or reading trending topics can be a great place for material. Your comedic approach is often very "in your face" and controversial, but of course it has its desired effect partly based on the fact that its at the expense of others. Has this always been your idea of comedy (ie "exploiting" races and cultures) or do you feel that its easy to make fun out of people. I don't necessarily think i exploit all people. Just the dumb ones. They don't get made at you because they have no idea what just happened. I'm not the smartest guy but I can sniff out the idiots and the douche bags with the best of them. It's my gift, its my curse. I'm personally really enjoying your most recent videos where you go out and interview the public about various topics. For the most part, the people you interview are very compliant and willing to be on camera but have you ever been in a risky situation where someone has become offended and out of control? Luckily most people have been okay with the interviews. After the interviews i'll usually clue them in to what i'm up to. But never before. It would ruin the genuine reactions that makes the punchlines work. Was pursuing a career in stand up comedy something you always saw yourself doing or was it more of a natural progression in terms of your comedic attributes? I've always admired stand up. When i was a kid, my parents and I would watch people like Bill Cosby, Richard Prior, Eddie Murphy etc. I was always amazed that one person could make thousands of people laugh at his will. It was super human. And when i realized i couldn't fly, i started making people laugh. You're currently touring Southern California with your stand up. It must be really hard coming up with enough material to last an entire tour! What is the key to keeping your jokes funny and fresh? I'm actually not touring. I am doing the YouTube thing pretty much fulltime now. I will book a show here and there but feel like the internet is too important to take a back seat to anything else. YouTube is great because it let's me still be funny without having to leave my house. Are there any other Youtubers out there that you'd like to give a quick shout out to? Hi Fred. Finally, where do you see yourself in 3 years time, in terms of your work on Youtube, new projects and any other personal aspirations you have in life? In 3 years i hope to be making enough money to let me continue doing what i love. I'm also a trained actor and would love to break into feature films eventually. Ultimately as long as i can entertain, i'll be happy. Be sure to check out more from Kassem by visiting his Official Youtube Channel here