We at The 405 love Lucky Dragons. They're inventive and stupendous and we were very lucky to get some answers to our burning questions! Could you tell us a little bit about how Lucky Dragons came together and what Lucky Dragons means to you? SARAH: Lucky Dragons is a collaboration between Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Ra Ra with several other sometimes collaborators.  Lucky Dragons uses music, video, and interactive performance to create temporary communities where audience members cooperate amongst themselves. LUKE: "Lucky Dragons" as a name refers to a Japanese fishing boat caught in the fallout of hydrogen bomb tests at bikini atoll in 1954.... an incident which served to ignite the worldwide anti-nuclear movement by unleashing anxieties that had been kept silent in the years following the US attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For me the name is a symbol of this sweeping change, of silent things becoming loud things, and a spontaneous opening of new connections. How did you come up with the 'Make a Baby' Project and what inspired it? SARAH: The Make a Baby Project came from need to dissolve the seperation between the audience and ourselves, and to generate equal power sharing situations through music.  On a technical level, Make a Baby came out of experiments at home, using the body to ground electricity going through a guitar or the mixing board--Luke realized that signals and information could be passed through the skin. LUKE: There's actually alot more you could do with it--encoding any kind of data into the signals you pass from person to person, or the networks you build up together... but once you move forward with developing it, it goes too quickly... i like taking time with the current state of the technology and just playing with it... that's what it's for. Do you consider yourselves artists or musicians? and which one takes precedence in your minds? SARAH: I see myself as an artist that uses music. LUKE: right now im a writer, or a speaker. i like the job "consultant" too.. or editor. sometimes artist is too vague and pompous... sometime musician is too specific. What does the future hold for you? SARAH: Collaboration and travel.  We're organizing a museum of site specific works in Los Angeles called the Elysian Park Museum of Art, and expanding our book publishing press, Glaciers of Nice.  That's part of the plan for 2009 and beyond. LUKE: Im trying to help music be free. I know that sounds weird because most of the shows we're playing on tour now cost money to go see, but maybe  we will figure it out for next time. If you could put together a fantasy festival, who would be the headliners? LUKE: Hecuba, Fela Kuti SARAH: Sun Ra, Soft Circle