Transport a UK indie band with a penchant for groove into the heartland of Brazil and what do you get? Yeah you guessed it, Mickey Gang. They write songs about girls, like to dance and would have Woody Allen direct any movie about them. Here's Mickey...
Hello! How are you today? Not bad. My new Roland just arrived, it's like Christmas. You're about to head over here to play some London dates. Are you excited? YES. Damn, we don't know London too much but we already did one of our most fun gigs there. And you guys have awesome beer too, but I'm not sure if it's really British. What's the music scene like where you're from? Do you feel it's important to sing in English to make it big if you don't come from America or the UK? It's weird. Nobody supports new bands, record labels here are a joke, promoters dont pay you to play their gigs, so you just have to survive being a mainstream monster or something if you really want to make it. Yes, definitely. Singing in english came as something natural, first because we used to write lyrics about our best friends' girlfriends so we would be in trouble if everyone could understand what we were saying! Then when people started to listen to our music outside of our basement we decided we want to reach as many people as we could. I've heard lots of people refer to you as the young strokes. We can kind of see that, but who do you think has influenced your sound? Young strokes? Oh, wow. Beastie Boys, shit dance music and Damon Albarn are great influences, even The Strokes has influenced us much. I think we try to touch on everything we grew up listening to, like our parents listening 80's pop, then grunge, then dance music, then teen pop, then modern rock. All great music is welcome to be an influence to us.
Do you feel the sunshine that you grew up in shaped the music you play? Yeah, kinda. We have this thing with more rythmic music, natural for Brazilians but we are not really up to do party music. As a band you probably do quite a lot of interviews and face the same questions over and over again. Is there any question you've always wanted to be asked? If so, what is it and what would the answer be? Something meaninful about Global Warming or Obama or some War. Not sure what I would answer but definitely would be something pointless with feelings. Where did your name come from? (Can we join your gang?) That Toni Basil song, you know? Not sure how it came up but Joao our drummer said his surname should be Gang. So we all wanted to be like him. And yeah, sure, everybody can join in. You win a special gift if you were born a girl. The latest debate we're running on our site is 'Who would play you in a movie about your life?' Who would play you? Joao - Diego Luna Ricardo - Rodrigo Santoro Arthur - Taylor Lautner Bruno - Paul Dano and Woody Allen to direct it, please. A big part of our site is to inform people of new bands that we feel people should be listening to. So with that said, who would you recommend to us? Sky Ferreira and Brothers of Brazil Finally, what does the rest of 2009 have in store for you? Do a lot of gigs, meet talented people, taste european drinks and work on our first album, which we are very excited about. Links Illustration by Gordon Reid aka Middle Boop