Mimi Leung Illustrator Continuing in our artist themed interviews, we talk to the amazing Mimi Leung about the Creative 30 project, her inspirations and that Kanye West Blog! Hello Mimi! Could you describe to our our readers what you do and how you got started? I am an illustrator and artist. I make commissioned paintings/drawings for various clients as well produce artwork for my own exhibitions. I've always loved drawing and painting, I spent most of my spare time when I was younger drawing and looking at things. When it came to choosing a degree I just decided to go with my passion and study art. Who or what would you say are your inspirations? I love cartoons and anime, japanese manga and am a big fan of the German Expressionist painters. I also really like ukiyo-e prints and old school etchings. These all feed into my work, but I have to say when making work I am most influenced by my surroundings and the people around me, also I always listen to music to get inspiration. Currently it is Iggy Pop. I noticed you got some love from Kanye West on his blog! How crazy was it finding that out? Yeah, that was pretty cool but I guess if you're Mr K West you get a whole bunch of people writing your blog for you. If he saw my work and liked it then that's awesome. Oh though they got my name wrong in the title and all the commenters thought I was a man! That was weird. If you had to chose one piece of work you've done so far in your career as your favourite what would it be? I'm not sure really... there is one that came out closest to the image i had in my head so i am quite happy with it. it's one called "hope&struggle", which i did when i went through a timbaland shockvalue phase. How did the creative 30 project come along for you? i've done some illustrations for Vice UK in the past and the editor just passed my name on to the creative30 team which was nice of him. though they came to interview me whilst i was crashing at my friends' after having just got back from Hong Kong and after a big party the night before... so i'm looking pretty gross in that vid! Lastly what does the future hold for you? I'm trying to get a solo show in london for next year. I'm working on more canvas pieces and some painted objects. i'm trying to get some fullsize shop mannequins for the show, but we'll have to see what happens with that. currently I have a canvas up in a group show at the macbeth in hoxton with some friends I studied with a few years ago. I am also in the middle of organising a show in Hong Kong for next September. Then I guess i'd like to head back out the australian outback for a bit and hang out in the desert hunting kangaroos and eating flowers.