We at The 405 get to hear a ridiculous amount of new talent on a daily basis but if we were to make a list of bands that we feel should be riding on a wave of success for 2009, then Mumford and Sons would certainly get a front roat seat on that floating vessel. They hail from London and make the sort of music Dylan, Sufjan Stevens and banjo loving people would be proud of. We caught up with the bassist of the band, Ted Dwane, to find out a bit more about the band. Hello! How are you today? Last night was the first Sunday of the month which means it was Communion at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Last night we saw a blinding set from 'The Sonsof Noel and Adrian', and 'Peggy Sue' changed the world so all in all, we're happy. Just in case our readers haven't heard of you, could you explain who you are and what you do? We are four lads who love to make music and spread a good vibration in a big cold city. You're currently unsigned but doing really well. How do you feel about being unsigned? Do you plan on signing with anyone or are you going to try and do it on your own? We have never really had to think about such things until recently. We have had a really great year but we all want to be even more busy this year. If a label really gets the vibe and wants to help us achieve an epic rate of touring and recording then there is no good reason not to get them involved. It has been really fun doing it ourselves so far and we always embrace a very DIY approach to touring which has led us on many adventures and bought us very close as a band. We certainly would not let anything hinder our 'on the road' great times. Although your accents are British, musically you sound pretty American to me. How do you feel about that and where do you think you draw your influences from? The greatest thing about making music in this day and age is that there is so much to draw influence and inspiration from. Many people talk of our Bluegrass influence which is strong, but Bluegrass music was born out of Scottish and English folk music. We are just the next generation carrying on the folk tradition while making it relevant to our time. Each member of the band listens to different music and its the collaborative nature of Mumford and Sons that makes it so much fun. We don't fight our influences but instead embrace them and blend them into something fresh. You also recently toured America, how did that go? We had a really great time. Just before Christmas we did a reunion gig in London with Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling who we toured with in America and the memories came flooding back. We hope to return this year at some point as the crowds were most hospitable and the local cuisine is exquisite! How is the debut album coming along? Ha! Well, we have had a lot of fun making EPs and there is a third EP in the pipeline before we knuckle down and do an album. We had some time in the studio before Christmas with an excellent producer and this really helped us to understand what kind of an album we want to make. It was a real learning curve and by the time we come to record an album, we should be in a place where we can deliver something that truly is representative of our abilities as a band. If we were to make a list of bands we feel are going to be big in 2009 you may well top that list but how do you think 2009 will pan out for you and do you know of any bands you think we should be loooking out for? We could not be happier with how things went in 2008 and if we can do the same this year then that's great. All we want is to play live as much as possible and share our music with as many people as possible so that is our simple plan. We are constantly inspired by many of our brothers and peers in London and elsewhere. We tour a lot with Cherbourg who are releasing their first EP in February, they are amazing. Peggy Sue and The Sons of Noel and Adrian are shaking things up in Brighton while further afield over in the US there are bands like the Bowerbirds and The Avett Brothers who are both beautiful. The list is massive and ever growing as there is something exciting happening with music at the moment. There is no shortage of great song writers and wonderful musicians and its all feeling quite good really. What's your favourite lyric ever and why? 'God Only Knows' by The Beach Boys - Opening a love song with the words 'I may not always love you' is just plain old clever. You can visit the band at www.myspace.com/mumfordandsons Listen: MP3: Mumford & Sons - Awake My Soul