As far as 'buzz' bands go Passion Pit are pretty much up there at the peak. We were lucky to send the band some questions and this is what went down! Firstly, could you introduce your band to our readers? im Nate, I play drums, Jeff plays bass, Ayad plays keys and synths, Ian plays keyboard and guitar, and Michael plays keys and sings. You boys are heading to UK for a couple of weeks on 17.02.09, have you been before and are you excited?  We have lovely weather you know! It was alot warmer than boston! I'll be off to watch you guys in Manchester with Hockey & Bear Hands, should be a quality gig, but how did this trio of bands come about touring together? I'm not really sure but it turned out to be really fun and we all got along great! You guys call Cambridge, Massachusetts home, could this be the next Portland in terms of being a media hot bed for unearthing fresh talent? Which local bands would you like to recommend to the fourohfive readers? We aren't the next Portland, the people in Portland are alot nicer from what I could tell haha. There is a huge new pool of talent coming up in Boston, I would reccomend Magic Magic, Pretty & Nice, Konrads, Verb the Adjective Noun, Giantess, Dj Die Young, Baltimoroder, Hooray for Earth, Televandals, Big Digits, and on and on... What kind of influences shape your sound? Everything from Randy Newman to Burial, Newman on the songwriting side, and more electronic artists on the sound side. I checked out the making of video on the link from your blog, it looked like fun and they definitely seemed to give the track a unique dimension.  The results sounded pretty cool but did you struggle expressing the instructions of which notes you wanted?  Also what is that track called? I think you're talking about the 'Fader' video with the kids and that was a song called "little secrets" and the director of the chorus, a guy named Gregg B. is absolutely amazing in being able to lead these kids to sing perfect harmonies and was a huge help in getting what we wanted. The CMJ experience - daunting, exciting or both? Both, it was extremely stressful but also extremely fun Are Columbia (the bands Brit record label) applying any pressure for a full length album to be finalised? Well the full length is done so no not really, no pressure haha. I've had 'Sleepy Head' as my ring tone since about Oct 08 and it hasn't got close to getting old.  What are your fav ringtones at present? I like Austin Powers' ringtone, either that or vibrate, but really any ringtone becomes so annoying to me, im flattered 'Sleepyhead' doesn't make you pull your hair out if its your ringtone haha Lastly, was does 2009 have in store for Passion Pit? A full length out in may and non-stop touring all over Europe and north America! You can check the band out at