Ticket buying is a chore these days thanks to evil corporations (that we won't name due to top notch SEO) charging abysmal booking fees for little-to-no work (we got charged £1.75 for printing our own tickets yesterday). DICE want to challenge the majority and start a revolution to completely abandon booking fees.

We caught up with DICE founder Phil Hutcheon last year to see if the idea had the fire to burn brighter than all other services.

BTS: Asgier @ Shepherd's Bush Empire

Can you explain what your ethos is?

We wanted to imagine a world of No Booking Fees. We want to make it easy for fans to discover and instantly buy tickets to amazing gigs in London. All the gigs on DICE are curated and we spend a lot of time on editorial making sure it looks and feels great.

How long had you been thinking about DICE? When was the idea of 'doing it different' first conceived?

I've been in the music business for a long time now initially running a record label (Modular) and management company (Deadly), and ticketing has always been a thing that didn't seem right. I started scribbling down ideas at the start of last year and have had so many conversations with promoters, venues, artists and fans about how we can transform things. On top of that I partnered with one of the worlds leading digital product studios, ustwo (who created the Apple Design winner Monument Valley), to embrace everything that's amazing about mobile technology. I mean look at the impact Uber has had. DICE can do the same.

How did this attitude come about. Were you all aggravated by the current ticketing system and ridiculous booking fees?

There's so many ticketing companies, so I didn't want to create the same thing. I wanted to think about how to make our industry ten times bigger instead of penalising fans for their passion. It doesn't cost us anything to create a ticket - I mean it sits securely on your phone - so lets scrap that fee and start thinking about bigger ideas.

What is the most you have been charged post ticket price, for a gig ticket?

We ask that question to people as well. Russ Tannen, who is our Head of Music, paid £50 on top of his four tickets to The Libertines this summer.

Ticket fiascos have been common recently, especially regarding ATP. How do you think that was handled?

As a fan I was really gutted that Jabberwocky didn't happen. With DICE we have ticketing agreements with promoters that ensure fans are quickly refunded their money if a show doesn't happen.

You're currently hiring intensively, what qualities should applicants show to fit in with DICE team?

To be able to sing along with Jen Long when she plays Katy Perry.

What can we expect from DICE in the coming months?

Firstly, we have the best shows - everyone from Jack White to Little Dragon to Goat to Glass Animals. We've worked hard to get these and you can instantly buy tickets within the app. This means that the tickets can't be sold on and artists love that.

All the shows are picked by our editorial team led by Jen Long. There's so many good things happening in London so we have to curate.

We have a ton of features being added every two weeks depending on fan and artist feedback. Search zoomed straight to the top. Sharing too. Tweet us at @dicefm and tell us what you like and we vote it up on the product roadmap. But on top of these small things we've got some big announcements soon which are ticketing firsts.

If The 405 were to buy you a drink, what venue would it have to be at and why?

I'm a sucker for small quiet basement bars and excellent rye but still love watching bands at The Old Blue Last.

You can find more about Dice over on their Twitter stream and on their official website. Download the app now and start living without fees.