Sophie Kern is one of those Illustrators that has the golden touch. Every piece that I've seen of hers could be likened to a class A drug in terms of there addictive qualities. You don't need to take my word for it though! Check out the pictures below along with our mini interview with her! Hello Sophie! Could you describe to our our readers what you do and how you got started? Hello there! Well, I am 22, I'm an Illustrator and I just graduated from Brighton this summer. When I started at my degree I felt pretty clueless to be honest, my work up till then was mostly paintings, and the standard of the other illustrators was incredibly high. In fact, I felt pretty clueless for the majority of my degree! It was only when I entered the 3rd year I finally clicked and I realised what I wanted to draw! I started studying mythologies from around the world and it really inspired me. The final project I did there was based on Inuit folklore, and that series of work was what began to get noticed by a few people. Who or what would you say are your inspirations? As I mentioned, the other people studying at Brighton were incredibly talented, lots of them became big inspirations to me! As did one of our visiting lecturers Jim Stoten...his illustrations are incredible! He made me want to try harder to draw things from my imagination, rather than from observation, which was something I really struggled with. It often seems an impossible task to translate thoughts and images from your mind into a tangible drawing on a page! Now it has become something I find the most pleasure in doing, it's oddly satisfying creating a drawing and then looking back on it and thinking, where did that come from? I like surprising myself! In terms of 'what' inspires me, I guess interesting people, places, and stories. I'm fascinated by unique lifestyles and beliefs, which is why I like reading about mythology and folkore. I also love folk art, and images created by people who have never been trained to draw or paint at all. Their art is much more interesting in my opinion, as it's less contrived, it is an honest form of expression. I've seen some drawings done by Inuit shamans of the spirits they believe to have seen, which I find absolutely amazing! Am I blabbering? I hope not! Theres a real 'spooky' feel to your work. Not really in the sense of it being scary to look at but more the use of ghosts/skeletons etc! Why do you think this is? and are you looking forward to halloween!!? Yes! For some reason I am obsessed with drawing ghosts recently, I can't really explain why! I think it all began during my Inuit mythology project, as they believe that everything has a soul, so I had to try and represent what a soul might look like. Inuits say that they are constantly living in fear, their gods are vengeful, and they have many demons, so I had to try and illustrate these threatening creatures and spirits. I guess once i started i couldn't stop! It's a fun thing to try and imagine what a demon might look like...And yes, I cannot wait for Halloween! I will be in New York, so it should be fantastic. I have also seen a poster for a halloween pet parade over there which I'm very excited about witnessing! If you had to chose one piece of work you've done so far in your career as your favourite what would it be? I really love the second from last one in your 'Images from a project about inuit Mythology' gallery on your site. It reminds me of the front cover of the latest Wolf Parade Album. Thank you! That's an awesome cover! But that's a tricky question! I've always been very critical of my work. I am my own worst enemy! Usually what I like best is my most recent work, I get tired of images if I see them too many times! I'm currently doing some personal work on Halloween actually that I am finding quite fun. But I guess, my favourite project would have been the Inuit series. Mainly because I found the stories and folk tales I read so fascinating, and so rich with bizarre imagery, which i guess translated into my work. I felt quite pleased with the project when I finished it, which was rare, because as i said i am not often too kind on myself! I'm fed up with it now of course! How did the creative 30 project come along for you? I was lucky enough to be nominated into the Creative 30 by Pete Fowler, who came across my work and for one reason or another quite liked it! I haven't actually met him, I've spoke to him on the phone once, but I am very grateful to him as entering me into this competition has given me a lot of exposure and lead into some new work for me! I definitely owe him a big ol' drink some day soon! Lastly, what does the future hold for you? Well, as I said I am in New York at the moment, I've been proposing to many men in the hope that I can convince one of them to marry me so I may live there forever! New York is the most amazing place, I've fallen in love with it a little bit!  But aside from that, work wise (which is probably what you meant!), I'm planning to make some t-shirts soon! I'll let you know more about that when they've been printed, but there should be four different designs and 100 of each, which is exciting! I also hoping to do some collaborating with my fellow NY adventurers (who are also brighton illustrators), we're very keen to put on an exhibition over there. I'm hoping to put one on when we get back to London also. I'll post info on any shows I'm in on my blog if you're interested in taking a peak!