Thao Nguyen is a folk singer-songwriter out of Virginia and is pretty fantastic! Check her out at then check this quick interview out we conducted with her! Congratulations on your latest album. How do you feel you've progressed since Like The Linen was released? Hey thanks. I think i've become more interested in being a musician as opposed to a song writer and trying to balance the two. What's funny/maybe a little disappointing is my hair style hasn't changed that much since Like the Linen.  For anyone that hasn't heard of you or your music before how would you describe your sound? I would call it... dirtier pop.  What's your ultimate direction for you? Are you seeking fame and fortune? My band mates and i are seeking rent money and the incredible fortune of playing music for a living without being on tour everyday forever. I don't know fame but maybe i have been afforded very tiny glimpses and i don't think it is a very functional way of life.  Who would you consider are your biggest influences? My family history, Grace Paley, Lucinda Williams, Nina Simone, Motown, 60's pop, 80's pop, early 90's pop, country blues guitar players, Orchestra Baobob, 40's and 50's Cuban music Finally, if there was a movie made about yourself, what would the title be and what would the tag line be? It would be called "See? I Told You Most of Tour was Spent Looking for Fresh Vegetables and Motels with Continental Breakfasts" --a documentary.