Last week we took The 405 radar, shook it up and released it in Sweden and as always it found us one hell of a band! They go by the name of The Deer Tracks and I love them. I managed to catch up with the two core members of the band, David & Elin, for a quick interview! Hello! How are you today? Hey there! We’re fine. We’re celebrating X-mas and playing around in all the Swedish snow while having a blast! Just in case our readers haven’t heard of you, could you explain who you are and what you do? The Deer Tracks is a Swedish little humble duo created by the Swedish children David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors. We kept running into each others at shows and parties. We started comparing our record collections and at some point we just decided to try to do something together. We started working on some stuff just for fun in mine (David) own studio, Jesus LoTech, without any real goal of starting a band. We were just playing around with some sounds and ideas. Then after a while we put a song on Myspace and then everything pretty much burst and bloomed into where we are now. It's just lovely and we're enjoying every second of it. When we play live we always bring a lot of friends to make the experience as great as we possible can both in every single way. What’s the story behind your name? We’ve always thought of the deer as a very mystical and beautiful animal. You know how it stares at you with really intense eyes, but it’s almost impossible to try to read something out of it’s stare. There movement is gracious and it’s horns pretty. So then we thought we could find out their very secrets if you just follow their tracks into the soft and dark woods. Who or what influences the music you make? Any art that feels heartwarming and true to it’s own goals and aspirations. But if you mean bands and musicians we really like Björk, Múm, and such bands. 2008 saw the release of your debut album 'Aurora'. Looking back on the release are you proud of it? What kind of repsonse did you get? It feels really good. We have and are still receiving great and overwhelming words of how good people think it is, and that feels amazing. We know that it at some point will be released through out Europe as well and that feels very exiting. Aurora is a record we have put incredible much energy and heart into, so it's like our little newborn baby. If you give it some time It will grow into something beautiful. Could you explain what kind of process you go through with the writing of your songs? There is not really any ”this is how we write our songs” map for us to follow. I would say it’s more like a puzzling way of putting sounds together with a neat melody or rhythm. Sometimes it can start with a lyric sentence and then we try to cloth the feeling of the sentence with sounds. A song can change up to an endless amount of times and have like 5-6 different structures before we get the final version we like. Then live, the songs tend to change a bit from the original version anyway so it’s a constant developing. Finally, what are your plans for 2009? To play live as much as we possible can and write some new stuff. But mainly we will try to play live in rest of Europe since we’ve been playing a lot in Scandinavia lately. Hopefully we’ll meet a lot of new friends and share some great moments with all of them. Then when everyone least expects it, we’ll start to write some new stuff to figure out what direction the next record will head towards. Check the band out at Listen: MP3: The Deer Tracks - Yes This Is My Broken Shield