They're not children. But they have the vulnerability and flavor of youth. The kazoos compliment the heart wrenching sorrows and accompany the boat shoe aesthetic. It's as if The Dresden Dolls, Lily Allen and Thao had babies and that baby turned out to be The Terrordactyls. This duo hails from Washington and has managed to command the attention of a core fan base. I myself had become a fan long before they recorded with Kimya Dawson, of Juno fame. It was Overcast Summer's beach-like sound that commanded my attention. The song itself paints the image of a beachy and hazy Washington with the feeling of needing more. Their lyrics manage to define the philosophy of emotion itself. They recently came off tour and were nice enough to sit down with The405.Jorge: Hey you guys, how are you doing today? The Terrordactyls: Not bad. We just played some street hockey. J: Like The Mighty Ducks? T: Exactly. D2 style. J: Haha, I hope Emilio was right there. T: He was with us in our hearts. J: Can you guys go ahead and introduce yourselves and your band to our readers T: Uhhh, okay... Hi. This is Michael and Tyrel of the Terrordactyls. We're a band. We're mediocre at best. J: I have to say that everytime I listen to your music I am reminded of a Dresden Dolls like aesthetic, where does your inspiration come from? T: T: and this: J: Haha, this reminds me of your art. Were both of you in art classes? T: Yeah, but not together. T: Tyrel studied that in college for real. I just did it in high school like everyone else. J: What did Tyrel major in? How vital Is art to The Terrordactyls? T:Our school didn't have majors, but he focused a lot on studio art and children's television. It is one half of the Terrordactyls. The other half is good looks and Christmas magic. J: Indeed child like beats come across all of your songs, but lyrically it comes across a bit grimmer, what exactly inspires the lyrics? T: That's where the Christmas part comes in. J: Haha, would you say you're like Lily Allen? T: In what way? J: In the way that she herself uses beats that are optimistic but in her lyrics she pretty much says fuck you T: We're not saying fuck you to anyone in our songs. J: No but what I get across in a sense of heart break and wanting more out your lives, is this true? T: Yeah. Life is awful. Everyone wants something more. magic. We both talk a lot about how much we hope that magic is for real. J: Sabrina the Teenage Witch Magic or middle ages magic? T: Both. Magic never changes. Only we do. J: You guys recorded with Kimya Dawson, of Juno fame, she herself was very underground. Do you guys wish you could break out into super stardom mode like M.I.A, MGMT, Kimya or do you prefer to be underground with a small base of fans like Daniel Johnston? T: We don't really care either way. We mostly just want to be able to support ourselves and be able to afford to buy food and pay rent when we're not on tour. J: That to me is very honest, especially being a photo major, I feel that very same way, Minus the touring. You guys recently got off tour and on your blog you said you guys were having a difficult time getting jobs, do you guys ever feel conflicted between living a life with normative career choices and just giving up on the band? Or are you guys resilient? T: We think about it. It's really hard to have a half way normal life and also go on tour all the time. It's hard on all parties involved, but we're not ready to give up on it yet and just call it a hobby. J: Have you guys sought out to get a label deal, if so can you tell me some of your stories? T: We were courted by Capitol for a while. They put us up in some random fancy hotel at Disney World for about a week, but then they dropped it when they caught us making out with Disney princesses. They said that they couldn't get behind that and then they fucking left us there without tickets home. J: Is this for real? T: No. The part about Capitol being interested in us was a lie. J: Oh, well it was a great story though. J: How was touring? Any cities you guys just fell in love with? Also did you guys ever end up coming to Chicago? T: Yeah. We played a great loft there. We played with a cross dressing magician name Ezra Poundable. She/he was really mean to everyone, but really entertaining... and pretty good at magic. Otherwise, we really loved Newark, DE, Kalamazoo, MI, Duluth, MI, Portland, ME... among others. J: When you guys tour how do you get around? Do you couchsurf, rent an rv etc? T: We drive a '93 Subaru Legacy named Britney. We mostly stay on the floors, couches and extra beds of friends... a hotel every now and again. J: Cliche question but what is your FAVORITE thing about touring? T: Memories, friends, adventures and books on tape. J: Have you or are you planning on going to tour Europe? T: Yes. We're going this September. The tour is currently being booked. We want to play everywhere. J:Cool, cool, well I have one last question for you guys, any last words or a message for the kids? T: Don't take out student loans to go on tour. You'll end up paying. Myspace: Website: