As far as good upcoming bands go you'd be hard missed to find one finer than the Irish three-piece, Two Door Cinema Club. We caught up with the band for a quick interview and this is what happened! Hey, How are you today? We're pretty good today thanks...some of us didn't have much sleep last night but we're good on the whole! Could you introduce yourself to our readers? We are Alex, Kev and Sam. Collectively we go under the entity of two door cinema club. Where did your name come from? Are you members of a cinema club? If so, can I join? We are not members of a cinema club per say although we do love cinema outings...the name came about basically because Sam doesn't have the best literacy skills. We were thinking of band names and he suggested "two door..." after a cinema close to us named the Tudor cinema and it just kind of stuck with us...even after we realised which cinema Sam was referring to! What kind of influences shape your sound? Flip...we've a broad spectrum of influences...ranging from bands like Death Cab For Cutie and early Bloc Party to others such as Holy Fuck, The Bronx and Katy Perry! As a band with a Mac for a drummer do you ever find the live environment tricky? Not at fact it's probably easier! Drummers have loads of gear, take up ridiculous amounts of space on stage and generally think they're a bit cool. Our drummer doesn't talk back! Ha. Suppose we just try to be more energetic on stage to make up for the visual rhythm defficiency! Do you ever think you'll get a 'proper' drummer? Probably not no...we're set in our ways and we love how our songs flow with programmed beats. We'd only get one if we felt we needed one...and we don't think we do at the moment. You're just about to embark on tour, are you excited? Yeah! Touring is like one of the most fun things you get to do as a band! Sure it has its bad points but as a whole the experience is so unique. As an unsigned band do you feel pressure to impress anyone? I think sometimes you can't help feel the pressure if there's someone important coming to see you but on the other hand we've never tried to do anything that's not us to impress anyone. We just hope people go home from a show having been impressed by who we are and what we do on stage and if they're not then they're not the right people to work with us. Any details on a debut album you'd like to share with us? Unfortunately there isn't really any inside scoop at the minute! All I can really tell you is that we should be starting recording in the next few months hopefully with a release early next year. Lastly, what does 2009 have in store for Two Door Cinema Club? Well we have our debut single out in March and then a mix our touring, recording and more singles throughout the rest of the year! You can check out the band at