In the past, Californian Artist Uncle Mildred has been known to politely decline many of interview offers, that he gets on a daily basis - answering with "naw man, i just wanna get drunk, paint, and skate". We here at The405 wouldn't want to stand in the way of any of those creative starting points, especially when the produce is comical skateboarding mischief. But luckily The405 managed to catch up with Mildred for a rare and maybe one off Interview. Check it out! Why do you think you became an artist? Well i was pretty much drawing as long as i can remember. i dont think i just became an artist, it's sorta been with me ever since my mom pooped me out. Do you recall any specific events that triggered you into realizing that your artistic abilities could possibly become full time career for yourself?? I try not to think about that. i just want to do what i want, if i make good money off of a piece, then cool. if not thats cool too. How has art changed your life? I'm not sure What were you doing before all of this? Being a kid Can you explain why you opted to work under an alias, rather then using your birth name? It was some what of a joke. it's just a weird old ladies name. not sure exactly why i did this. i guess i dont take a lot of things too seriously. I personally find your art work to be very happy, chirpy and docile, as apposed to being incredibly dark or grim. Would you say that Is this a reflection on your own life? Possibly... it's just goofy silly sometimes wierd ass shit. i'm a weird ass kid. maybe thats where it all comes from. i'm not sure. Do you ever see the possibility of your work appealing to a younger audience because of your drawing style? Yeah, a good chunk of people that like my work are teenagers i'd say. Was this a conscious decision or have you always made artwork with the intention of it being for all age groups of people to enjoy? I never really thought about that at all. i just kinda draw what i want. some of my stuff isnt for all ages. You’ve probably created thousands of different characters, each one more unique then the next. Summarize the process you go through in order to make a new one? Well sometimes i get drunk or stoned and doodle a bunch of dumb shit, then i wake up the next day and look at the crap i doodled and maybe something comes from all of that. Clearly your work is strongly influenced by Graffiti, as you've shown both on and away from the canvas. What is your opinion on Graffiti art itself and the negative connotations and press it gets? This is a touchy subject for me. i dont know how i feel Do you see the Graffiti you do as a way of putting a finger up to the law? Or is simply just something you find fun? I just enjoy it. Have you ever been caught or find yourself in a sticky situation? Yeah, people yell and try to fight you and shit, but if you're real drunk then it's easier to deal with. Does music influence you creativeness at all? I'm not sure if it influences my artwork, but i am a musician my self. sometimes i find my self enjoying making music more than i enjoy making art. What have you been listening to a lot of on your Ipod/mp3 player recently? All sorts of shit... gorgoroth, hank williams, sonic youth, liars, doors, the who, eyehategod, wolf eyes, ect Have you ever been approached by any skate companies who wanted to have your art work on their decks or have you ever considered doing something like this yourself? Yeah i've done some graphics for grindking trucks before. i'd love to do a skate deck design. I've seen a few examples of you experimenting with this idea. And finally, what does the future hold for Mildred? In regards to your work, new projects and any other personal aspirations you have in life. Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to? Well i'll probably just keep living and doing what i do just like everyone else. i'll probably make stupid and smart choices. only time can tell. I'd like to shout out to my mom and pops. they are the best. Be sure to check out Mildred's Official Blog here If you would like your art work to be featured here on The405, then send a message to us at -