Yimmys Yayo is an optical online library comprised from some of the most unique and artistic photo’s ever taken and has been gaining some what of a cult following. Quite simply it can be summed up as Visual crack for the ocular fiend. The405 recently sat down with the creator of Yimmys Yayo for this exclusive interview. Check it out! How did the idea and concept for Yimmys Yayo first come about  Late 2007 I created an empty folder on my desktop called Yimmys Yayo. After a month or so I realised how valuable a reference library was for inspiration and creativity. In January 2008 I created the blog to share everything I was gathering.  Did you ever think that it would have lasted this long (a year and 8 months) when you first started out? I honestly never thought about it. I began one day, and it was instantly ingrained into my daily routine. It doesn't feel like it's been as long as it has, but when you have a passion for something, it more often than not continues as long as the love is there.  Where does the name "Yimmys Yayo" derive from?  James turned into Jimmy, Jimmy turned into Yimmy. Yayo is a reference to addiction. Imagery (Art, Photo, Moving) is my drug, what I crave. And I won't rest until I get my hit.   What were you doing before all of this?  I was mid-degree studying design. Waiting for a chance to grow and develop creatively, and this endeavour was and is my chance to do so. The content featured on the site is very diverse and varied. Would you say that this is down to a vast amount of viewers submitting photographs/videos, or that it's simply just your own personal preference which chooses what the site contains? The blog isn't based on submission, I do receive some now and then. But 99% of the blog is my own selection, reflecting either how I'm feeling emotionally, what I believe is new and great work or just little amazing things I find by mistake.  Have you ever been sent anything that you just couldn't use on the site? Are there any restrictions to what you will and wont put on the site? One or two.  As for restrictions, there are none. The content only has to fulfil a few criteria for me to post it. Nothing gratuitous or tactless. Everything I post, has a sense of decency. Even the sexual / erotic content is either shot well, mature or respectful. You won't find hard porn or handicapped jokes on my site, I believe in good taste and a solid sense of decency. Do you have a particular favorite photograph on the site? I think Favouritism should be fluid and malleable. My taste and feelings for images differ and reflect various things ie; emotional state, season, weather and context. It's also hard to have a favourite out of roughly 8,000 pics.  Does your interest in photography and art go beyond the blog? Yes. I have the good fortune to be surrounded by some amazing photographers, as well as some shooting myself. Also being in a creative industry everything I do is visual. I'm planning to extend my reach into photography over the coming months, with a few personal projects and maybe a change in my career direction.  Finally, what’s next, in terms of any new projects you have or any aspirations you have in life that you would still like to work towards and achieve. Is there anyone you'd like to give a shout out to? I have a good number of personal projects up my sleeve. Over the last few months, I've had some really talented people contact me wanting to collaborate and I'm always excited for new opportunities to put into practice what I've learnt over the last year. Some publications, some shoots, music and maybe even a fashion project. But my lips are sealed on the details, all I'll say is keep your eyes / ears peeled for the 2 year anniversary.  For shout outs, I'll thank all my friends who have supported the blog and spread the word, Sam, Kinsey, Brent, Dyms, Lance, Joe Allen, Nicole & Kiki. Dave, Alessandro, IO, Fanie, Sue, Scott & Cici, who showed me a great time on my recent trip around Europe and NY. The China Heights boys, Nine Lives Gallery. There's way too many, to name. And last but not least, everyone who hits the blog, keep on checking in and I'll keep on doing what I do.  Photos courtesy of Yimmys Yayo