The awesome Luke Leighfield discusses Jeremy Warmsley's latest band. Acres, Acres, a new London-based band featuring singer-songwriter Jeremy Warmsley, are an interesting proposition. Their sort-of single 'Diamond From Coal' manages to start out as Brian Wilson's lovechild with some ethereal vocals, which then leads into a dirty, dirty riff before a more standard Warmsley-esque verse. The rest of Acres, Acres help out with some lovely ooh's in the chorus that recall Blur in their Britpop prime. Meanwhile 'I Don't Know' smacks of Weezer's green album summer cheeriness, 'Come On, Wheels' exercises Warmsley's beautifully fragile voice in an American travelling anthem straight from the seventies, and 'Hopeless' is a beautiful, yearning number full of tasty guitar licks and gorgeous keyboard sounds. Lovely stuff. Download 'Diamonds From Rough' free from here! Listen to more from Acres, Acres at