The 405 has been falling for Luke Leighfield lately, thanks to the free digital release of his third album last year, the brilliant ‘Have You Got Heart’. Stuffed full of epic guitar solos, horns and all sorts of over-the-top pop nonsense, Luke’s music overflows with charm and honesty whilst remaining endlessly fun and catchy. He used to get compared to Kate Nash a lot, but Ben Folds combined with the theatrics of Queen is perhaps becoming more apt. Luke has played all over the world, touring tirelessly off his own back, sometimes on his own and sometimes with his friends, and is sure to put on an amazing show, no matter how many band members he drags on to the Good Ship stage with him. Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you're from, how long you've been playing music etc? Hello readers. My name's Luke Leighfield, I'm a 22-year-old recent graduate and I currently live in Upton upon Severn in Worcestershire. I've been playing music since I was four years old, but in the guise of Luke Leighfield (the artist, not the human) probably for about four years or so. I've released three albums and played in twelve countries. What are your thoughts on the other bands you'll be playing alongside of? Have you heard/listened to any of them before this? From the descriptions I've read, the other bands sound pretty interesting so I'm really excited about the gig. It's nice to play a night where all the acts are different, otherwise it gets a bit stale for the audience and the bands involved. I tried to listen to them on MySpace earlier but my computer is kind of decrepit and MySpace is just fatally diseased so the whole thing was a recipe for disaster. What are your thoughts on playing at The Good Ship? Do you still get butterflies in your stomach before playing a show? Um, I played The Good Ship once before a couple of years ago and it was kind of empty. My friend got drunk and spewed all over the toilets. And I mean, ALL OVER the toilets. I think this time will be better. I don't really get butterflies in my stomach very often, but perhaps the honour of playing for the illustrious 405 will apply some extra pressure. What was the last album your bought? The last album I bought was 'Dark Touches' by Har Mar Superstar. It's okay, but nowhere near as good as 'The Handler'. To be honest, nothing is as good as that album. Do you have any funny New Years Eve stories you can tell us about? What did you do this NYE? I'm not really a party animal so my wild stories are few and far between. Last year was pretty interesting though. I was playing some gigs in Moscow over the New Year period, and on New Year's Eve we went out to this house in the countryside for a house party that I was meant to play at. We got wasted, and at 11.00 or so we tried to have the gig. They basically only had a toy keyboard though so I couldn't really play. That made me sad. So I was sad, drunk and dirty (I forgot my toothbrush) in the Russian countryside for NYE. And I tried to phone my then-girlfriend at midnight and couldn't get through. So I was angry. And we had to stay there for three days with basically no food or water. It's a long story. I didn't die though. This year I was in Barnet in London, playing board games with some friends from uni. I fell asleep first and had a moustache drawn on me. What would be your dream gig line up? My dream gig line-up. Toughie. I'd probably have all my favourite bands come on and play one song each so that it was like the ultimate mix tape, but live. And I would headline and all the people from all my favourite bands would come on and do backing vocals as the most famous choir of all time and then we'd all party together for roughly two days. Or maybe I would resurrect Freddie Mercury so that Queen could headline and do 'We Are the Champions' or something like that.