For our very special 100th introducing, I thought I’d bring to your attention to supergroup Day Of The Woman featuring one of Ninja Tune’s greatest, (but most obscure) artists – Yppah – and artists Pollination and Stenographer. Okay, so Supergroup is stretching it a bit maybe, but just have a listen. The music is a tasty mix of samples, guitar, bass and amazing drums that take you into a world that is somewhere between psychadelia, modern electronic and pure and simple rock and roll. It’s a good place to be. Each track on their album takes you one step new, one step further into what they’re all about. It’s slightly odd to listen to at first – much like Yppah’s style, it has no fixed song structure and can break down and build up any second – but it’s a rewarding listen. Think of Post rock without the need to be heavy is the best I can describe it. It’s got all the bass and texture and wall of sound, but at the same time it feels relaxed and fun, something done in a bedroom between friends that’s accidentally really good. If you know Yppah’s stuff, think “You are beautiful...” but more relaxed and soothed. Having released only one album so far, and that’s free to download on Bandcamp, they’ve got room to manouver. They’re still growing – they could be called a jam band maybe, but whatever it is, it’s great to listen to. In addition to the album, there’s a whole collection of remixes that take the album into a new dimension. By the end of listening to the whole lot, you’ll find out why I love them so much, and why I think that it’s a travesty they only have 23 people on their Facebook.