Lo-Fi gets a lot of bad press. I won’t lie, I quite like it. I prefer Wavves to King of The Beach or whatever the 3rd album was, and I won’t apologise. I like the retro feel, the care-free-ness that comes with so many of the recordings and the real homely, bedroom feel. That’s why, from the instant I clicked ‘Play’ on Seamonster’s Bandcamp I was hooked. Ok, the first thing you hear is a Panda Bear styled interlude, which is Ok, the tracks after are what matter.

Seamonster makes the sort of music that sunny days were invented for. This is the music of super 8 films and Polaroid's and over contrast pictures. It’s nice, it’s summery and, most of all, it’s intelligently composed. It sounds carefree, but all of it has multiple layers and softer parts that don’t always come to the fore but would be missed. For example, in the opening full song ‘Oh Appalachia’, the marimba or xylophone or whatever the instrument is that tinkles off during the song subtly and mixed down makes the difference between a good song and a great song. Here is a mind that knows music and can compose simple songs, a talent that’s underestimated. Check out the myspace here