Get your crop tops, slap-on bracelets and parachute pants ready: the 80s are back, and Electric Youth are the captains of your magic carpet DeLorean ride. Conjuring up images of Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris come this duo from Toronto Canada, who, despite their track’s peppiness and over-the-top 80s influence, still manage to charm listeners and keep them interested. Catering directly to the blah factor that fall and winter usually evoke, the band’s first single, 'Right Back To You' brings sunshine, roller blades and neon bathing suits back into our hearts, making the track seem more like a warm, tan-infused hug as opposed to the sweater, rain and influenza-ridden reality that we now know. Is it complex, multi-dimensional or any of the other pretentious phrases we use as music journalists? No. But it’s likeable, fun and the answer to dance parties, milkshakes and driving with the windows down. Pop may be the scapegoat for “what’s wrong with music” today, but Electric Youth managed to remind us why at one point pop was the be-all and end-all, and for good reason. Sometimes music is just meant to be fun, and these middle school sweethearts understand that.