Much like Norwich’s other beloved grizzly-inspired band, Bearsuit, Hello Bear write quirky pop songs that are insanely twitchy and memorable. Inspired by the likes of Malkmus, Los Campesinos! and The Beach Boys, the three piece have an ear for a good pop hook and an addictive chorus. They also have self-loathing lyrics that Rivers Cuomo would be proud of. On the brilliant ‘An Exquisite Year For Charm’, Luke Fox sings “I’m pretty sure you can’t see any potential in me” in a tale of regret, all set to some blissful jangly backing. Hello Bear have everything you could want from an indie-pop band, but with enough inventiveness that helps them bring their own fresh take to the genre. Have a listen to ’6.45/7/8’ and try not to smile inanely like a big kid. Oh, and their website has a gallery full of bear drawings. You should really go and visit it now: