Cancel The Astronauts are the sort of band you should listen to whilst on a train on a Friday night, heading to see a friend that is always late. It's the sort of frantic, lo-fi (in the same vein as early Strokes) music that perfectly soundtracks the champagne girls, guys on the pull and tourists that will load on/load off/load on/load off until you reach your destination. Musically songs like 'Funny For A Girl' demonstrate their love of the Casablancas gang, but as the EP progresses that comparison soon disappears. This is apparent just by looking at the diverse acts they've supported, which ranges from Marina & The Diamonds all the way through to Frightened Rabbit. They don't seem to dwell on specific sounds/genres for too long, which makes for interesting listening. Give the Funny For A Girl EP a try to see what we're talking about.