I love instrumental music in any form. Classical, post-rock, ambient, instru-metal, et al – it’s all great to me. No genre typifies the extreme version of this quite as well as math rock in my mind, a style only focused on things that would be sacrilege in most of those other genres: rapidly shifting time signatures a la Stravinsky, over the top amounts of two handed tapping (not the alternate and sweep picking of metal fame), frenetic drums, and an emphasis on clear and cutting clean tones. While luminaries of math rock like Tera Melos and Hella have since added vocals (so have Don Caballero…bastards), the true excitement comes from having the guitar do the talking. Projects like What’s Up and The Jesus Years have used this to their advantage and to great effect, but no one band out today seems to be doing math rock as well as The Bulletproof Tiger, a four piece from Ontario who are somewhere between early Tera Melos and A Minor Forest with dashes of other acts. With only one EP to their name (the stellar Stab The New Cherry), The Bulletproof Tiger already have joined the ranks of classic math rock in my mind, carving out a sound and songwriting style that are singularly incredible. To point out the talent and songwriting skill this band has, take a look at this: On their EP, 'Sometimes I Feel So Sick At The State Of The World I Can't Even Finish My Second Apple Pie' was a centerpiece that utilized various aspects of previous tracks. Here it’s an aggressive and muscular piece given the pure energy of a live performance, an electrifying glance at what this quartet has to offer. With newer songs available via live video or their MySpace, any news of a full length is highly anticipated. Until they finalize anything in regards to future releases, what the have out so far places them in the top echelon of math rock bands – an impressive but well deserved achievement for this group. The only bad thing is their EP came out too early in ’09 to be on my end of year list for 2010, nothing but a minor quibble. Do yourself a favour and check out this band. http://www.myspace.com/thebulletprooftiger