I came across Lulla Violet playing a set in one of their local pubs in Chichester. The Sussex town does not seem to have had a successful export since the much-missed (for me, anyway) Hope Of The States and it was heartening to see a band making music that was passionate, extreme and also putting on a real show of post-rock veracity. Danny, their drummer, especially looked to be having the time of his life on stage – very angry and his sheer presence took over everything they did – a star in the making. That’s not to discredit the rest of the band, who were all tight, and Jim’s Thom Yorke-style howling vocals were especially spine tingling over the Explosions In The Sky backing. Having amassed some impressive support slots alongside the likes of Yuck, Nine Black Alps and Egyptian Hip-Hop, Lulla Violet are looking to tour further afield as we move into 2011. Some bands have an intense rage and know how to channel this perfectly into their music. Lulla Violet are one of these bands. That their recorded output matches the scope of their live show is to be commended and we could be hearing a lot from them in the coming months. http://www.myspace.com/lullaviolet