Who are Braindead Collective? What kind of music do they play? That’s a tough one to pin down because, according to their MySpace page, their live performances ‘vary from experimental jazz and aggressive electronic noise rock to ambient/neo classical and dronexcore’, and their members list stretches to fourteen people, not including occasional collaborators (which have come in the shape of members of Keyboard Choir and Bleeding Heart Narrative). It’s confusing, sure, but here at The 405, we like things to have a little bit of mystery now and then. Whatever will they get up to when they perform? You’ll have to come and find out the exact details for yourself, but chances are it’ll be explosive, brain-melting and not quite like anything else you’ve ever seen or heard. www.myspace.com/braindeadcollectivemusic Just for our readers at home - Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you're from, how long you've been playing music etc? Hi 405 readers! I'm Seb, I play in Braindead Collective. We formed in October 2008 and have worked with artists such as Viv Albertine (ex Slits), ripped it up at Airwaves Festival in Iceland and made more drones than you can shake a stick at. What are your thoughts on the other bands you'll be playing alongside of? Have you heard/listened to any of them before this? Not heard them before the obligatory myspace click, loving the Flaming Lips-esque wonky acid pop of House Of Strange. Luke Leighfield and company demonstrate herculean musicality and mighty fine top lines to boot. Can't wait to experience both in the live arena. What are your thoughts on playing at The Good Ship? Do you still get butterflies in your stomach before playing a show? Love playing the Good Ship in Kilburn, like being in a gladiatorial indie pit, with the world looking down. I don't get nervous, I get focused. What was the last album your bought? The latest offering from the pAper chAse, 'Someday This Could All Be Yours, Vol. 1. One of my fave bands, an absolutely incredible tour de force live. However I haven't managed to listen to it yet! I was lucky enough to get sent the new Silver Mt Zion record, and it is, of course, genius. Do you have any funny New Years Eve stories you can tell us about? What did you do this NYE? I had a pagan bonfire under the lunar eclipse in a valley in Powys, Wales. It was very sober and totally amazing. Who knows what the rest of them got up to, I doubt they can even remember. I've not heard any hilarious anecdotes, I'm afraid. What would be your dream gig line up? Liars (drum not dead period), Blood Brothers and the pAperchAse. Imagine it, that would be the gig to end all gigs. Maybe I should hassle ATP to get Blood Brothers back from the grave and get it together.