Little Leagues are a very new band who have just moved to Falmouth University, home of Tall Ships, and specialise in danceable math pop akin to Foals at their happiest or Tubelord having a disco-influenced freakout. It was to my surprise to discover that the band only consists of two members, Sam Gillbanks and Joe Morris, as their sound was so broad and harmonious. Minus The Bear is an obvious influence on ‘Watch Your Habbits’, a tale of a last attempt at reconciliation: “I find myself getting lost in my thoughts, thinking deeper and deeper, and you should realise your flaws and all your misfortunes”. Relentlessly buoyant and cheerful, the band claim they will ‘bring smiles to your beautiful faces’ and with the two songs recorded so far, they’re staying true to their promise. On the uneven ‘Sunlight’ Sam sings: “I’ll grab a hold of your hand and take us back to the start”, songs about girls and love-life (or lack of) seem to be their speciality, but all set to insanely catchy and anarchic riffs. A solid start and if they can build on it they may be joining the major leagues soon. You can download two free songs at