Let’s get straight to the point : Australian four-piece The Jezabels are beautiful. There, I said it. A piano, a guitar, drums and etheral voices. Nothing more and yet the magic is present. The story is really common at first sight: Four people (Hayley Mary, Heather Shannon , Nik Kaloper and Samuel Lockwood ) met in 2007 at University in Sydney, formed a band, soon toured with the likes of Tegan & Sara, Van She, or Josh Pyke and have released three EPs since 2009. Their world is haunted by melancolic vibes and star-crossed love. There’s something really addictive in Hayley Mary’s voice (which one would compare to Emily Haines’ tone), while the music is filled with energy and captivating melodies – see ‘A Little Piece’, taken from their latest release Dark Storm. This new EP is out now. Have a listen.
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