Hailing from London, The Patio Set are Michael Cowland, Sean Cowland, Gareth John and James Grant. They make a hell of a lot of noise that is intellectual, bleakly angular and brooding. However on the likes of ‘Mines And Prospects’ there is a dancier feel that is more comprehensible but no less stimulating. Gareth’s vocals are Nick Cave at his darkest while the rest of the band focus on making sounds that will persistently enter and stay in your head before going off in a completely direction – often in the space of half a song. ‘Then I Vegas’ brings to mind the great art-rock bands, especially Youthmovies, with its ability to grab you and vigorously take you on a journey full of cascading twists and turns. At times the sound is almost minimalist, but there’s always a glorious melodic collision waiting to happen. Friends of one of The 405’s favourites, Chapter 24, The Patio Set have a sound that is equally as dynamic and forceful. Their four-track ‘Birches and Bells EP’ is available from http://thepatioset.bandcamp.com/. Each of the 250 EP’s sleeves are hand painted by artist Jack Killick and when added together, every set of 50 is one piece of a larger image. http://www.myspace.com/patioset