The terms “genre-hopping” and “genre-defying” are so easily thrown around lately that they’ve lost all significance. But in the case of Cats:for:Peru, it works just fine. From the concert staple ‘Manifesto’ (a song that switches from a very indie tune to a rocking break. With a ukulele) to the introspective ‘Answers’ (all about those creepy “ooh ooh oohs”), the band deftly mixes indie, electronic, grunge and some righteous pop. Their lyrics are broad and expansive, from politics ('Manifesto') to camaraderie (‘Slight to the right’), they do cover quite a range, something born out of their varied influences (Guillemots, Grandaddy and a long etc.) and their own musical sensibilities. It also helps that most of the band enjoy playing different instruments. Check their Myspace for two free songs (really recommend ‘Asleep in Monaco’) or give their lovely album (love the cat-infused artwork!) a spin on Spotify. You can visit the band by heading to