The cow-bell infused drum beat which commences Lost Dawn’s second EP, corresponding to their debut EP, initiates the quickly matured sound of the Cornwall-based blues band. Their songs are rawer, their riffs are louder and they seem to have found exactly where they are heading musically. When compared to The Black Keys most recent album, Brothers, the difference is barely distinguishable. Except for the fact that Keep It Cool consists of only four tracks and they lack the American accent, which Cornwall would evidently not provide. With the chorus from opening track 'Keep It Cool' and the initial riff of 'Buried Men', The Black Keys are noticeably a huge influence on the two piece’s sound. Occasional distorted vocals produce a Jack White-esque nature during 'Buried Men' which are followed by a riff that could potentially be an early White Stripes track. Consequently this EP is fundamentally a Garage Blues masterpiece that has been recorded 30 years late and as well as creating incredible music, they are really nice guys as they are letting you download the whole EP for free here.