"London's answer to Animal Collective" is not a title which is awarded to just any band. Luckily, Beaty Heart, aren't just any band; they're one of the most exciting and dynamic bands to be found in our capital right now. Hailing from New Cross, South-East London and alumi of Goldsmiths, Beaty Heart are a four piece which make the most psychedelic, space-y, haunting tunes which make you see kaleidoscopes behind your eyelids. Basically, they will blow your mind. Combining tribal rhythms (three quarters of the band are drummers), hallucinogenic synths and dreamy, echoing vocals, the tag "experimental pop" just doesn't seem to do them justice. You're transported to another universe in track 'Cola', giving off an almost tropical vibe as the 4 minutes, 24 seconds dances between fast-paced percussion coupled with lush, synthy chords and the spiralling chaos of thumping drums and frantic, animal-like yelps. Personal favourite 'Tonton' has a similar effect, conjuring up images of voodoo chanting around a roaring fire, lyrics indecipherable amongst hazy keys and an infectious beat. The band's otherworldly artwork and videos mimic this, especially for blissful, eerie 'Get The Gurls' featuring shades of These New Puritans' more recent material. The quartet are creating quite a buzz in the city, more accustomed to playing wild house parties (akin to how Oxford locals Foals started up in their hometown) than conventional venues and notorious for their emphasis on audience participation. However, that's not to say that the foursome have not and do not anticipate sharing stages with equally as brilliant up and coming bands. You can catch them unleashing their "experimental pop" at fellow-Londoners Fiction's single launch of 'Big Things' on December 1st at The Macbeth. I'll see you there. You can visit the band by heading to http://www.myspace.com/beatyheart