The 405 has always aimed to be more than just another music blog, and it makes us all the happier when we find people determined to be more than just another musician. House of Strange are determined to go beyond the limits of your typical band, owning an amazing studio that has played host to recording sessions by Mumford & Sons, Emmy The Great, Noah And The Whale and 405 Favourite Jeremy Warmsley, as well as making their own seriously bizarre form of psych-pop. With a heavy emphasis on the visual as well as the aural side of a performance, House Of Strange will bombard your senses until you are disorientated beyond all belief when they play for us on January 14th. We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us. Just for our readers at home - Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you're from, how long you've been playing music etc? Hi I'm Ash, 1/6th of the House of Strange. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to the UK for university in 2003. my only friend here was Emmy the Great (whom is also an HK local - we spent alot of our youth being mean to each other). As I knew a little bit about recording and had just purchased a sound card and computer I was the house to go to get shit demoed. a few months later she introduced me to Jeremy Warmsley who was looking for somewhere to record drums for Dirty Blue Jeans and 5 Verses. she also brought Noah and the Whale (then her backing band) round to record their first EP. we recorded 5 years time, jocasta, and a couple of other songs that made it all the way to their first album. From then on it seemed like recording would be a great way to make a living and i have been doing it ever since. I have now worked with Mumford and Sons, Stricken City, The Mules, Three Trapped Tigers, member of the Fence collective and many more. As I was around so many musicians making music, and being interested in pretty much everything, it was time to start my own band, the House of Strange. it started as a studio only project as that was the only way I was comfortable writing (not being a talented instrumentalist). however that all changed when I met Hugo and Pete. They made it possible for a LIVE house of strange to exist. And we have been playing and recording since then. What are your thoughts on the other bands you'll be playing alongside of? Have you heard/listened to any of them before this? Prior to this gig I had not heard of Luke Leighfeild or the Braindead Collective. however I have been doing my homeworks, and they both seem like very different bands. experimental noise stuffs, and a straight up pop attack. they both seem to do what they do well. we might be the ones to fill the gap between both of them. we sound pretty weird, but are pretty pop through all the smoke and confetti. What are your thoughts on playing at The Good Ship? Do you still get butterflies in your stomach before playing a show? We have played the good ship a couple of times, the upper level if a great place to launch things at the audience. we wont fit on the stage thats for sure. butterflies in my stomach, nope. we all know what we are doing, although questionable sound men can give me butterflies in my stomach. What was the last album your bought? The last album I bought might have been some original recordings made of Balinese Gamelan during the 1940's. I really like that type of metalaphone sound, and the cross rhythms are mental. Do you have any funny New Years Eve stories you can tell us about? What did you do this NYE? On new year I made a time lapse movie of the stars in Bali. What would be your dream gig line up? Would this be a dream gig that I was going to watch? I would have to have the Flaming lips, Caribou, Three Trapped Tigers, Steve Reich, maybe some magicians or something too. maybe Pink Floyd when Syd was still around.