NNaming yourself after a Numan (well, Tubeway Army, but let’s not split hairs) track will give people a first impression. Numan is one of those people you love or hate, and personally, while I can’t stand the man most of the time, Are Friends Electric is an indisputable classic. There’s one thing that confuses me though - Friends Electric don’t really sound much like Numan at all. Yeah, there’s the synth, but past that there’s not a lot. Gone is the deliberate coldness, and in its place a warm pad sound that’s not a million miles off Foals’ second album. The lyrics are throwaway, the tune is simple, but it’s somewhat intimate. It’s soppy stuff, with lyrics that even Bethany Corsetino would call simple, but it’s what makes it. It’s that simplicity and cliché nature that makes it personal. I guess it’s like Cut Copy in a way, a bit electro, a bit epic, a bit meandering, but it replaces the Frenchmen's anticlimaxes and euphoric build-ups for a bit more of a Golden silvers approach. It’s far from perfect, but it’s definitely worth listening to. You can visit the band by heading to http://www.myspace.com/friendselectricmusic