Every now and again you crack open an email from a trusty PR source and find something that grabs you by the figurative lapels and hoists you onto the metaphorical dance-floor, grinning with glee all the while. Meet Smith & Royal, who fuse pop, roots, swing and dance into an energetic, feel-good banger, streamable below: Front-woman Kelly-Marie Smith's half Jamaican/half Spanish roots are clear for all to hear, and the other tracks we've heard (and agonizingly aren't quite allowed to post yet) are all sure-fire winners. Such a good combo. Bring on the single! Having already worked with the likes of Jason Cox (Blur, Gorillaz), Andrew Dawson (Kanye West) Jony Rockstar (Sugababes, Amy Winehouse), Cameron Mcvey (Massive Attack), Jason Boshoff (Basement Jaxx), Kensal Town (James Morrison), KGee (All Saints), Pete Craigie (Sly & Robbie, Stevie Wonder), Adrian Hall (Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys) and more, it seems like only a matter of time before Smith & Royal hit upon that undefinable combination of beats and melody that propels them into ears worldwide.